Implosion Spinoff: Haru Cooks with Malevolent Kitchen

Summary: What if Arata Shouta/Adam/Harukin/Sun-kun/Aelius reincarnated normally in wonderful world. How can he survive his new Isekai life? The cover is not mine, pm me if you are the owner, I'll immediately take it down. I'm just writing this fanfic to train my English proficiency. I will only upload a chapter if I want to. This is my third time writing and English is not my first language so forgive me if I made a lot of mistakes in my grammar.

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Chapter 42: New Quest Posted

Chapter 42: New Quest Posted

Author: Geraint

Date Posted: May 01, 2024 Wed @4:13PM

White Queen has gathered all the girls in the kitchen and they sat together in the table for an emergency meeting.


She slammed her fist like a hammer on the table.

"We are facing a crisis right now... we have to do something before it gets worse!"

"Huh?" Yunyun looks clueless while Belfast and Little Bel was silent but they are aware of what she's talking about.

"What's wrong with you today, Lolisa? Haven't you recovered from sickness from this morning?" Enterprise touched her little sister in the forehead.


White Queen slammed her fist on the table again.

"There's no time to think about that! We have a much bigger problem to face on! It's all about Onii-sama!"

"What's wrong with him?" Enterprise asked.

"If this continues, Onii-sama will be crossing a very dangerous path! We had to do something before it gets too late!"

"Hey! I'm asking you, what are you talking about?" Enterprise repeatedly asked her.

Yunyun became worried of what she's hearing.

"Is Haru-kun okay? He isn't infected by our cold, right?"

"No! Onii-sama... Onii-sama... he will ended up liking crossdressing men if we don't do something!" White Queen finally revealed.

"Eh?!!" All of them are shocked by the news except Belfast and Little Bel.

"What happened when he went shopping alone?!" Enterprise asked while trembling as she started to panic.

"Onii-sama ended up going on a date with someone since none of us accompanied in shopping and watched over him. I failed as his girlfriend!" White Queen was frustrated while everyone are staring at her, treating her as delusional.

"Return back to reality, Lolisa. Your big brother is not your boyfriend." Enterprise reminded her while Yunyun just awkwardly laughed,


"But that's not the point right now as Onii-sama thought that he was going on a date with beautiful girl but that girl was actually a crossdressing guy! He was being tricked by that transvestite! Damn you, Shido! Not only you tried to hit on me but how dare you even seduce my Onii-sama! Unforgivable!" White Queen was very enrage.

Belfast was asking Enterprise to come closer to her then she whispered something.


"Yes, Enterprise-sama. Haru-sama is just fooling with her."

"Oh, I see..." Enterprise nodded while returning to her seat.

"In the first place..." White Queen suddenly pointed at Yunyun and blame her, "This is all your fault, Yunyun!"

"Eh?!!" Yunyun was surprised.

"Onii-sama has romantic feelings for you but you aren't reciprocating anything! Do you even love him in the first place or you are taking advantage of his kindness? Onii-sama is very considerate of you but please stop giving him a false hope!" White Queen yelled at her.

Yunyun became silent for a moment and Enterprise tapped her in the shoulder to cheer her up.

"Yunyun, please don't take Lolisa's words seriously. She is just like that because she's such a worrywart when it comes to Haru-kun. It's fine to take your time with him--Huh?"


Yunyun suddenly stood up and slammed both of her hands on the table which surprised all of them with her reaction. She was angry while teary-eyed as she glared at White Queen.

"Just whom do you think you are to understand my real feelings for Haru-kun!"

"Huh?!" White Queen was shock to receive a retort from her.

"Giving him a false hope? Taking advantage of his kindness? I rather die than become someone despicable like that! Haru-kun is my friend and a very important person to me. I owe him a lot when we became a party together. I know that our relationship is still unclear but there's one thing which is clear and that is I love him very much!"

White Queen felt frustrated of Yunyun's words which made her trembled.

"That's right, Yunyun. Tell her to know her place and she's just a little sister."

Yunyun heard his words and she followed,

"Yeah, I'm just being considerate of you since you also like him. I really just want you to acknowledge me like Shizuka-oneechan because you are Haru-kun's little sister---Huh?"

Glancing to their side, they saw Haru who just came back from the hot spring was wiping his head with a towel. He was enjoying watching them quarrel while he was sipping on a straw in a bottle of strawberry milk.

"Please continue. The television isn't working yet. I want to see the development." Haru said with shameless tone.

"This guy is just the worse." Enterprise was disappointed of her little brother.

Yunyun was shock and embarrassed when she remembered the word that she just said to White Queen and she realized that Haru has heard it all.

"Haru-kun... since when?"

White Queen started to panic and she doesn't have choice but to blame the main reason of the problem which is Haru himself. She doesn't want her brother to hate her for making Yunyun cry.

"This is all because Onii-sama likes this crossdressing guy Shiori! It's not like I'm bullying Yunyun or anything!"

"I know, Lolisa... but I can't lie to myself... I like Shiori and I want to be with her." Haru was overdramatic in front of them that Yunyun thought that he was acting strange.

"No, you can't! Onii-sama, that's a guy!" White Queen grabbed her brother in the shirt and shook him.

"I don't care! He looks female enough! If there's a hole, there's a way!"

"Onii-sama! Where did you learn those words?!"

"My phone has free internet. I'm studying the latest trends from our former world."

"Give me your phone! You're looking at the wrong trends!"

White Queen chased her big brother around and she wanted to take his phone.

Enterprise smiled at Yunyun and she hugged her.

"See, I told you that you shouldn't take her seriously. Haru-kun tends to mess around with Lolisa and sometimes, I even get caught up with their quarrel. But that's just how things between them. They are siblings after all."

"Mhm..." Yunyun looks happy and nodded at her.

"But I'm happy that you have serious feelings for Haru."

"Uuu... How embarrassing." Yunyun mumbled.


Next day, in the Neighboring World, the three siblings are staring at the three new posters in the Inter-dimensional Quest Board and the quest this time has pre-requisites.


Fairy Tail

Difficulty: B

Pre-requisite: Minimum of 3 person team

Defeat the Guildmaster of Grimoire Heart


x5 Gacha Pull

+50 Skill Point


Owari no Seraph

Difficulty: B

Pre-requisite: Minimum of 3 person team

Defeat 35 Vampires


x5 Gacha Pull

+50 Skill Point


Kuroko no Basket

Difficulty: A

Pre-requisite: Minimum of 5 person team

Defeat the Generation of Miracles


x5 Gacha Pull

+60 Skill Point


(To be continued.)

I'll fix my mistakes later.

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