Su Family Creates Trouble 1

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Everyone did not dare to breathe loudly as they were afraid of making the four masters angry.

A maid quietly walked up to Su Zhiyu and put down a cup of tea.

Su Zhiyu was feeling frustrated as she lifted the teacup and placed it in her mouth. However, the tea in her mouth was boiling hot.

"Pfft… Do you want to die? How could you give me such hot tea!"

The tip of her tongue was accidentally scalded. Su Zhiyu spat out tea and directly threw the teacup on the maidservant.

"Miss, please calm down. Miss used to like hot tea, so I…"

The maidservant's face turned red from the hot tea. She knelt on the ground pitifully and kept kowtowing.

Everyone in the Su Family knew Su Zhiyu's rule of drinking tea. She liked hot tea and enjoyed the fragrance of the tea leaves before drinking it.

She followed Su Zhiyu's habits and did not understand what was wrong.

"Still quibbling! Men, drag her down and beat her to death!"