Smash Your Face 2

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"Sixth Prince, you're wrong. I didn't force anyone to buy it. These rotten eggs and tomatoes are selling so well. It only means that Jun Mohuang has angered everyone and is hated by everyone. You can only blame yourself."

Su Zhiyu was not afraid of his accusations at all. Instead, she smiled and replied openly.

Feng Yunying chimed in. "Exactly. Who can she blame if her reputation is ruined?"

Feng Yunyi reprimanded unhappily. "Sixth Bro, how could you help outsiders? You're so rude to your future Fourth Sister-in-law. Apologize to her!"

Reprimanding Su Zhiyu was equivalent to reprimanding him. He naturally wouldn't let this happen.

"Humph. Men, give me 10 baskets of rotten eggs and tomatoes. If Boss wins, I'll rub them all on your face!"

Feng Yunqi snorted and ignored Feng Yunyi.

Instead of apologizing to Su Zhiyu, he challenged her.

"Su Zhiyu, do you dare to make this bet with me!"