Nan Gongli's Little Trick 1

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The way to do 'it' with him was naturally to have him drugged. She could then take the initiative. Wouldn't it be good for her and her male idol?

The venue was the private room in MoonStar Pavilion that her idol was going to in the evening.

However, she only heard half of it just now. As for what room they were going to tonight, Nan Gongli did not know.

But it didn't matter. How could such a small matter stump her?

There were a total of four heaven-class rooms in MoonStar Pavilion. She would add some extra ingredients to the tea in each room.

Her idol would definitely fall for her tricks.

Then, she would seize the opportunity to pounce on him… and things would be settled!

Nan Gongli rubbed her chin and chuckled. She thought that it was a brilliant idea and walked towards MoonStar Pavilion excitedly.

At Baize Country's relay station.