First Fight 2

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Such a condescending ridiculing tone made Jun Jianlin so angry that he immediately attacked.

Jun Jianlin was obviously not Di Lingtian's opponent, and he was accidentally injured by Di Lingtian on the leg.

At present, Jun Mohuang's detection ability could only sense the medicinal materials and her body. She was unable to treat Jun Jianlin's legs yet.

Who knew if there would be any sequelae after being injured.

She had ignored Di Lingtian ever since she left the house.

"Second Bro, I'll put a needle in your leg first and help you heal your legs."

Jun Mohuang was still a little worried and took out a set of silver needles from Huangyu Space.

Jun Jianlin's legs were crippled in his mother's womb. Just applying acupuncture was useless. She had to treat the problem correctly.

The strangest thing was that she had checked Jun Jianlin's pulse before. His pulse showed that his legs were fine and there was no problem at all.