Being stuffed with displays of affection

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"This is an orthopedic medicine for external use. You'd better find someone to fix your legs."

Speaking of which, Wu Qianyong had been beaten up badly because of her.

He didn't have any ill intentions towards her, so Jun Mohuang didn't mind helping him out.

"Thank you, Miss Jun. Thank you."

Ever since Wu Qianyong took the medicine and increased his talent to eight-star Yellow Tier, he had been in a state of high spirits.

He stood rooted to the ground after getting off the platform.

He felt like he was in a dream and everything around him was unreal.

He only came to his senses when Jun Mohuang spoke to him.

He took the medicine and gold coins from her, his clear eyes full of gratitude.

"Miss Jun, you're my rebirthed parent. I'll do anything to repay you!"

The other two people had not returned to their senses from the improvement of their talent and were standing blankly by the platform.