Award 3

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Since this lad knew his relationship with Huang'er, he did not have to worry about this threat.

Di Lingtian removed Feng Yunqi from the list of love rivals and placed him on the waiting list of his own candidates.

"It's those two women. Just now… Su Zhiyu was the most detestable. She even asked everyone to buy rotten eggs and tomatoes to throw them at Boss when she loses the competition!"

Feng Yunqi quickly explained everything that had happened. He didn't forget to add fuel to the fire. He talked about how the two of them ridiculed Jun Mohuang openly and covertly and couldn't wait for Jun Mohuang to lose face. He specially emphasized Su Zhiyu.

He was not strong enough and was not pampered in the royal family.

But he was the best at spreading word and stirring up trouble.