1 Vycter meet Veskar

Reverberations against the hull, unhindered in the vacuum of space, that is the only sound that could be heard. A small casket shaped life pod shakes. Debris gently brush against it from a massive crippled vessel mere kilometers away. Lights flickered, alarms blared, yet couldn't be heard. The planetary mass tugging at it softly, like a mother nudging its child forward.

A battle rages over the sovereign planet of Veskar, a home of many species united under a single flag. Oppression lasted on both sides of this pitiful war over interstellar resources. They will never give in, even if the losses are too great.

The lights inside the pod flickered dimly, revealing a limp uniformed man dressed in black patted and white trimmed fatigues. He had the markings of a commander on his collar, yet there was no life on his face. Blood was tricking down from the side of his head.

The sparks from a nearby panel a few feet away from his head was sparking, as if it had just exploded not too long ago. Did he die from head trauma? The life monitor on the screen in front of him was flat lined, but the interior of the pod was in perfect condition to support life.

Suddenly the man lurched forward, mouth gaping for air before they settled back into the chair they're strapped into. The gash on the side of the man's head quickly healing.

"Eh…" He let out another groan as he stared forward at the wrap around holo-display which was showing the surroundings of the pod. The blue rings of the atmosphere slowly overtaking the view of the battle.

"Where am I…" Looking at their hands, the man could only purse his lips. "Who am I?" The hands were larger than he remembered. He touched his face and felt a short trimmed beard with trimmed sides, connected to a neatly cut mustache.

"I… Don't remember having a beard." Slowly he reached up and ran his hand through a full head of hair. A face of shock was becoming more apparent despite the lack of expression on his lips.

His hairdo was kept in the form of a perfectly shaped military beret, it was a dark brown and several inches in length. Even after running his hand through his hair, it moved right back into place. Looking into the reflection in the screen, he could see his unfamiliar face and his pale ocean green eyes.

Apparently this young man has been transmigrated into another realm of existence. This young man's name is Vycter Price. The last thing he remembered was being asked if he wanted to live and was suddenly offered two options: Y or N.

Without a doubt, Vycter had chosen the letter Y. He wanted to live as a life restricted to virtual reality in a hospital bed was too dreadful to continue. Real human contact. Real women, girls. He wanted a new start. However after choosing, everything faded to a very painful darkness followed by a blast of white light. He suddenly found himself in this predicament.

Finally situated, the pod began to shake violently, worse than that of a rollarcoster on earth. Not that Vycter would ever know how that felt like, considering his life-long condition. Yet the memories he was gaining from the body he currently resided, he knew just what it felt like now!

The pod was beginning to break through the atmosphere. Sparks were flying, even the alarm was going off inside. He hated the flashing lights and the loud sounds. It always reminded him of the fire drills at the hospital which tested the reaction time of the staff.

Personally he hated it, the sounds always messed with his sense of hearing and the flash of lights gave him headaches. Closing his eyes he rested his head back into the curved headrest. The cushions felt nice despite the fact that he was feeling like gold fish being swung around inside of a plastic bag filled with water.

Grasping at the bars on either side of the cabin, he closed his eyes tighter.

On the ground the night sky was light up with many sudden explosion from the distance. Debris from destroyed warships were falling like stars and comets, leaving trails of flames behind them as they entered the atmosphere and burned up.

A group of teens were in the forest several clicks away from the royal capital of Veskar. There were at least four of them. Three of them were girls and one of them was a guy.

Emile was seated on a log, trying to make sparks with a pair of low-grade stones which he picked up from the ground. Where they were situated was a not so well known camping zone. They were avoiding being conscripted into the military, so they were living out in the wilderness. They weren't going home any time soon, at least they weren't planning to.

The three other girls Kayelin, Ceilia and Soniya were all standing up watching the debris and falling stars. They were dreamily watching the beautifully flowing lights in the sky.

That was until a single object broke away from the determined path and was heading straight for them. It was about three or four meters in length and two meters wide. It had a hexagonal shape and was rather sleek and aerodynamic.

"What is that?" they all asked in unison, their voices rhythmically overlapping, as if they were singing a song.

Emile looked up from the rocks he was scraping together and paused. "WE HAVE TO MOVE!" He yelled and immediately rolled off the log and booked it. The girls jumped over and followed only for the pod to crash right into their campsite.

Dirt and debris from its outer hull were sent in all directions.

Emile suddenly felt an inch in his lower back and suddenly fell forward as he lost his footing. Blinking a few times, he couldn't tell what happened, but he couldn't move nor feel his legs.

The girls were already laying on the ground, but they didn't seem injured, only knocked out by the force of the impact since they were much closer.

"He…Hey…" Emile breathed out his words as he turned his head to the side and back to look and see what was causing the itch. Lo and behold, there was a shard of metal in his spine. Turning forward, he would press his forehead against the ground. "What the fuck is this…"

Suddenly the door to the pod opened with a very distinguishing hush sound as the magnetic locks released. White steam took over the dirty dust filled air.

"A… pod…?" Emile asked aloud as he was beginning to lose consciousness. His body was suddenly becoming pale and movement was hard. "Soniya… r-run…" His eyes rested on the girl only meters away from him curled up like a crescent moon on the ground. His hand reached out for her, and then he found he couldn't move anymore and everything was fading. Emile was lost and then he was gone.

Several minutes had passed and a man slowly emerged. His pale ocean green eyes resting upon the setting before him. Three girls were sprawled out in many different positions on the ground. One of them was curled, the other two were either on their back or on their stomach.

His eyes rested on a corpse, clicking his tongue slightly, he shook his head.

[ Welcome to the Sovereign Planet of Veskar. ] Words surrounded by breckets appeared in before his eyes, accompanied by a familiar soft robotic voice. [ Loading Hub and Elements. Please Standby. ]

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