Chapter 9

Shruti's POV

I went home, my papa was reading a newspaper sitting in the living room and was very happy to see me all of a sudden. He called my mom's name in a very excited voice. She came out of the kitchen wiping her hands on the towel.

" What happened ?? "

" Our daughter has come.... "

" What ?? Oh my god!! All of a sudden?? Is everything all right? " My mom came to me with happiness and concern on her face at the same time.

" I am fine ma... I came back for Holi. We had gone on a trip to Rajasthan from the hospital and I met Vidhi. She was coming to Delhi so I came with her. "

" Oh, ok !! I am so happy that you are here. " Mom said with a broad smile.

" I thought that instead of going to Chandigarh, I should come home as I had not come for a long time. I missed you and knew that you would be surprised."

" Of course, we are. We will discuss all this, later on, go and get freshened up. I will make something nice for you to eat. " Mom said. Both my parents were very pleased to see me.

I went to my room, everything was in its place, where I had kept it. As if I had never gone out to the medical college.

I still remember when I told my parents that I wanted to be a doctor, they discouraged me. They believed that once my graduation was done, they would get me married to some man who was well settled.

I had to fight with them that I would not do that. Every elderly person tried to put some sense into me. But I paid no heed to whatever they said.

This room and everything in the room had seen how much I had cried, argued and struggled.

That pillow had absorbed many of my silent tears and had tolerated my frustrated punches.

I used to get so frustrated at times that I slept even without eating. My parents tried to persuade me to drop that idea. But I was hell-bent.

Finally, my parents had to agree with me. So when I got selected, and I got admission in Chandigarh, my dad allowed me to go only if I stay at my Tauji's place. They thought that I would be safer under the scrutiny of Tauji and his family.

I agreed to it as I had no problems as far as I was going to fulfil my dream.

I promised myself that I would make full use of this chance and never indulge in anything that could offend my family.

I had already made up my mind that my future would not be like my parents had thought of. My fate would not depend on others and for that I had to concentrate only on studies not on anything else.

So when Dr Jindal asked me out for the first time, I refused instantly.

Nothing was ever going to come between my goal and me... No distractions at all.

" Shruti !! Beta where are you? Come, Your lunch is ready. " Ma called me from the kitchen itself.

I washed my face and hands and changed into something comfortable. My mom and dad were waiting for me at the dining table.

We all started eating food. My father Sh. Jai Prakash Singh had a big and successful departmental store. He had one more branch of it in Delhi. Both were running very well.

My father was doing very well and we had everything one could think of. My elder sister was married to a businessman and was happy. She had 1 son.

My father was contended that his elder daughter was well settled., all he wanted now was to settle me with some suitable man as well.

" Finally you have become a doctor. Now, you are happy?? " Papa asked me.

" I am very happy, but are you both happy now?? "

" Of course, we are happy, but what is the use?? You will have to get married and take care of your home. What is the use of so much struggle you did to become a doctor when your fate depends on your future husband and in-laws? " Ma said.

" No, I have carved my fate, I will decide it. They can give suggestions but they can't rule me. I would respect my husband and in-laws but they can't tell me not to work. Because I want my own identity along with being a part of their family. "

" She has become more rebellious, I pity them who will have her as their daughter-in-law. We must start looking for a suitable match for her." Mom said.

" What is the hurry mom?? We have at least one more year of internship. Then I will be a proper doctor. My would-be in-laws should be proud of me as they will have a doctor in their family. "

" See everyone is happily settled. Kriti is so happy with your jiju. He is earning so well and takes good care of Kriti and their child. Nihal is married and settled in his life with his wife and cute little kids. Bhabhi Ji is so happy, she keeps asking me if I started looking for a man for you.

" Wait for some time. Let me get settled in my job first. " I could not even say that I want to study further. My ma was desperate to get me married.

I would have to drop the bomb slowly. I wanted to do MD as well.

" But we must start buying things for you. "

Oh, God!! What was the hurry??

" Mom cool down. Chill... It's festival time enjoy!! "

We finished the food, went to the living room and watched some movie on the Tv.

Papa asked me about my college and I told him.

" Ma Vidhi' s elder brother is getting married so they have a Holi party at their home. She would come to get me. "

" I don't know... Ask your papa. "

" Ma please ... She will be angry with me. You know how she is. Please... You know she is my best friend. "

" But we want to celebrate Holi with you. Now that you are here, so you should enjoy it together. "

" Mom, I will go there around 11. So we can celebrate here before that. "

" Ok, fine!! Will Vidhi's parents be there?? "

" Of course, ma. " I lied but I really wanted to go.

We enjoyed the whole day. My ma made many delicacies and asked me to learn, how to make them.

But the only help I did was in eating them.

" What will your in-laws say?? They will curse me that I didn't teach you anything. How will you make new things, if you don't learn them? "

" Ma !! I can cook rice... "

" So?? You will serve plain rice or Maggie to your family in all meals?? "

" Ma find me a husband who can cook. In fact, find a chef. He will cook all the delicacies in the world. "

" And what will you do?? "

" Of course, eat all of them. "

" You are too much. You can't even roll a round Chapati. I am so ashamed of the fact. Imagine you are almost 23. I had already become your mother by this age. I was taking care of the whole house, doing all the chores. What are you going to do?? "

" We will see... Now calm down, your BP will shoot up. "

" Then try and learn something. You can't serve medicines to your family members to eat at the dining table. "

" Oh, ma .... Please have mercy on me. Stop the sarcastic remarks, please. Ok!! I will learn from tomorrow. I am very tired today. "

" Promise?? "

" Promise !! " I said. And the face of my ma lit up. We had a lot of gossips.

" Ma, let's call Kriti also. "

" Hmmm... At least tell her that you are here. "

We called her and the three of us enjoyed a lot. She was very happy to see me too. I played with her son. It was so much fun.