Chapter 4

Siddharth's POV

I called my brother to inform him that I was coming home. But his phone was switched off. I looked at my watch, it was just half-past eight.

He must be at home at this time, so I called on the landline but no one picked up the phone.

Where was Bhai??

I had to inform him so I thought of leaving a message with the neighbours.

I looked for their number and hit the dial. The bell was ringing. Finally, someone picked it up.

" Hello? " I heard a very beautiful voice from another end of the line.

It must be Maurvi, My neighbour. She was very sweet and pretty. I had always liked her for her very sweet nature. I used to flirt with her a lot but she never took me seriously. I don't know why but my charm never worked on her.

Was she immune to me ?? Was she interested in someone else??

" Hi, beautiful!!! How are you? " I said.

" I am sorry, may I know, who is this ?" She asked politely.

" What ?? You forgot me ??? I mean out of sight, out of mind? I did not expect from you. I am so hurt. "

I teased her.

" Oh please, I am really busy... either you tell your name or talk to someone else to pass your free time." She said.

" Cool down, beautiful... Ok, fine, but I am really upset with you. Siddharth this side. Remember me now?? Your next-door neighbour. " I said.

" Oh, Hi !! I am so sorry. Hi, how are you? You haven't come home for so long. When are you coming? " She said very sweetly.

" Today itself. "

" What? Seriously? Wow !! That is great, but how come all of a sudden? " She sounded happy.

" We came on a trip and thought that I must extend my holiday as Holi is just around the corner. I wanted to be at home. "

" Wow !! That's great.. you know my practicals have started, so I can't go and join my family there. I have to be here as I have my final practical the very next day. "

" So that is a piece of good news for me. Maurvi, I was calling at home, but I guess Big bro is not at home and his mobile is switched off. Can you please give him the message that I will be there by 5 in the evening and if it is possible, can he pick me up from the airport? "

" Yes sure right away... I don't think he has left. "

" Ok, bye beautiful, will see you in the evening. " I said and disconnected the phone after telling her my flight timings.


I was waiting at the airport to board the plane. And soon the announcement was made. I went and settled down in my seat. The flight took off.

A certain someone came to my mind again. After that conversation about 5 years back, I was quite interested in knowing more about her.

There were so many girls of my batch and juniors too who wanted me as their boyfriend. They all tried every trick to gain my attention. but somehow my heart was stuck on that cute fresher.

My friends also realised that I was interested in her. They encouraged me to go and ask her for going out on a date or coffee with him.

One day we saw her coming and my friends literally pushed me in her direction forcing me to ask her out.

" Hi !! "

" Good morning, sir !! "

" Good morning !! Listen you don't need to call me, sir. My name is Siddharth and everyone calls me Sid. So you can call me whatever you want. "

" No sir, you are my senior and as per rules, that are to be followed by freshers, We have to call all the seniors as Sir or Ma'am. "

" But we can be friends too. Hey, you even asked for my matrimonial biodata. "

" That was just a task, sir. "

" So what? We can be friends now. Do you have a problem with that?? "

" No sir... "

" So friends?? " I asked and she nodded.

" Can we go out to celebrate the onset of our friendship?? "

" No sir... Sorry !! "

" But why?? You just agreed to be my friend. "

" Being friendly does not mean that I should go out with you. "

" But how would we get to know each other?? "

" What is the need there to know each other?? " she asked.

" What does that mean?? If we are friends, we must know about each other. How would we do that if we don't meet each other ? "

" No sir, I don't think, we need to know each other. I am not interested in knowing anything. "

" Listen Shruti, I like you and I just wanted to know if we get along well. "

" We won't get along well, sir. We are not alike. You are a rich man who thinks that they own the whole world. Girls are crazy about you and are usually fighting over you and you don't even bother. Maybe it gives you a kick but I am not like those girls you are used to. "

" What kind of girls, am I used to of?" I asked her.

" You know what kind of girls are always roaming around you, dying for your attention. I am not like them. I have no such intentions to join that long queue of girls. "

" Have you ever seen me giving any attention to them?? That does not mean that it feeds my ego and I don't even bother about them while they are fighting over me. That also suggests that maybe I am not looking for that kind of girls. I am just friendly with everyone. "

" Sir, you are super rich and going to be a doctor. You were born with a silver spoon and got whatever you wanted in your life, but I have struggled a lot to get admission to the medical college. I don't want to be involved in any such things. "

" I am not what you think, I am. Maybe you misunderstood me and the only way to know me better is to come out with me. Just for the coffee !! Promise. "

" Sorry, sir... I am not interested. "

" Ok !! Sorry if I bothered you. " I said and came back.

I had never wanted to go out with anyone as much as I wanted to go out with her. I was very disappointed.

My friends asked me what happened and I told them. They got annoyed.

" What does she think of herself?? You just asked for a coffee. She had no right to say all those things to you. That was totally uncalled for. " Parth said. He was furious.

" How dare she?? She is here to study and why are we all here?? To participate in Indian idol?? " Bharat said.

" Listen, Sid, you have to teach her a lesson. You have to make her eat her own words. She thinks too highly of herself. She insulted you and all of us. You have to make her fall for you. I dare you to do that. If You make her fall for you, I would give you twenty thousand. " Mayank said.

" Calm down all of you. What is the issue?? I asked a girl out and she just turned down my offer. What is the big deal?? She has every right to refuse to do something, she doesn't want to."

" Yes, but she didn't have to say all those things to you. She doesn't even know you or us. " Parth said. He was very angry as he was my best friend.

" It is ok... I am not at all offended. "

" But still she had no right to say all those things. " Bharat said.

" I know... But I insisted when she refused politely. "

" Make her fall for you... Then only she would realise... " Mayank said in a very angry tone.

" Ok, fine !!! Now, let it be, let's go out and enjoy. " I said to cool them down and cheer them up.

We went out and had a nice time.