25 Chapter 25

Siddharth's POV

" Hello, can you please come near my room?? It is urgent. Come fast please. "

" What is going on?? " Shruti asked.

" You will get to know everything within 5 minutes. But you saw and heard whatever happened just now?? "

" Of course!! What do you want to say? "

" You trust everything you saw and heard. "

" I know, what I saw and heard today, but how do I know whatever you said was true?? "

" I assure you that everything I said was hundred per cent true. I am madly in love with my Dr Jindal. He is the love of my life. I have had a huge crush on him for the last 5 years. "

" Why are you repeating all that?? "

" Tell me, you trust that you heard and saw me saying all this. "

" Ok, fine !! "

" Great...."

" Maurvi ?? What happened?? " Bhai came almost running towards us and placed his arm around Maurvi's shoulder.

" Why did you call me so urgently?? Are you alright?? What is going on here?? " Bhai asked with so much concern.


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