3 Ways to power up

Feeling himself getting off the track, he shook his head and continued his thoughts.

' There are mainly two ways to power up.

One is to practice and learn something like chidori or ragengan while slowly affecting Tenten with the Dream Implant and once she is ready, Spending some ' Quality Time ' with her to increase my chakra capacity.

But the problem is even with the Dream Implant skill I don't know how much time and effort it will take to change her mindset and make her agree. Although her being lonely and with dream implant, it will be somewhat easier, but it would still take time.

The other option is to learn senjutsu ( sage mode ), which will be quicker and also set me apart from others of my age. Naruto managed to learn it in a week in the anime, so I should also be able to do the same with the help of Nature Energy Control skill. '

Rey could only think of those two options for now and it didn't take long for him to make up his mind.


[ A/N: I know that to access the sage mode, one must have a high chakra reserve, but just think of it that the Nature Energy Control skill allow him to bypass that requirement. The low chakra reserve still limits him to access that power for only a short duration of time.]


Although his heart (dick) wanted him to choose the first option and taste the sweet nectar of those beautiful ladies as soon as possible, his brain told him to choose the second option as that was the fastest and beneficial way to power up and it would help him in the long run.

' Now let's see how can I learn senjutsu.'

Rey didn't want to try it out himself, he couldn't take the risk of turning into a stone just after arriving in his dreamland.

' The best option is to form a contract with either the toads from Mount Myoboku or the Snakes from the Ryuchi cave and learn from them.

Although Kabuto had learnt sage mode from the snake, I still don't know what he had to do, on the other hand, Toads as a summon seems to be more useful and their way of teaching senjutsu seems to be safer. ' Rey thought.



Rey continued to think for a long time about his next plans and didn't even realize that the sun has risen up. Noticing the sunlight entering his room through the window, Rey got up from his bed and moved to the window.

Looking at the house and building Rey felt nothing out of ordinary, it was due to the memories of the previous Rey that he felt this way.

Moving away from the window, he took out his usual clothes and entered the bathroom, which was in his own room.

After taking a shower Rey stood in front of the mirror, taking a good look at his new body. He had medium black hairs almost covering his neck, a good looking face and an athletic body of a 12 year old.

Rey then tied his hair in a bun, similar to Eren Yeager and wore his usual clothes.

After getting ready and checking out a few other things, he exited his room and went downstairs where Tenten was cooking breakfast.



Hearing Rey's footsteps, Tenten smiled and said while continuing her work.

" Good morning, Rey. "

Rey, who was looking at Tenten's sexy curves and toned ass finally came out of reverie and controlled himself.

" Good morning, Mom. " Rey replied, but with his usual distant voice.

The previous Rey had a hard time showing his emotions and people usually felt him being distant but Tenten knew about his problem and didn't mind it one bit.

Rey sat on the chair and waited for the breakfast while continuing to steal glances at Tenten's beautiful figure.

Soon Tenten came out of the kitchen with breakfast meanwhile Rey was having a hard time preventing himself from going into a daze upon seeing her gorgeous face.

Although he managed to prevent himself from acting strange, he was unable to control his dick from rising. Looking at her figure he couldn't help but imagine what would it feel like to have her moaning under his dick.



" You have changed your hairstyle." Tenten said as she placed the breakfast on the table.

Rey nodded as the previous Rey would and started eating his breakfast.

" It looks good." Tenten said while smiling as she sat on the chair opposite to Rey's.

Rey averted his eyes and said " Thanks ", causing Tenten to smile at his shyness.

They both then ate their breakfast in silence as Tenten knew Rey would be uncomfortable if she asked him too many questions as it was his usual behavior.

Rey also didn't start a conversation and continued to eat his breakfast while looking down towards his plate.

[ Secrecy skill: On ]

He used the Secrecy skill and directed killing intent toward Tenten to check his skill, however seeing her continuing to eat the breakfast without any changes, he smiled inwardly.

He didn't know what Kurama could sense about his emotions or intentions, So he prepared for it beforehand by using the Secrecy Skill.



Just as Tenten was about to get up after they both finished their breakfast, Rey said.

" Mom?"

Tenten looked towards Rey and said softly.

" Yes."

' Let's put my acting skills to the test. ' Rey thought as he initiated his plan.

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