51 Battle against Boro Part-1

" No, our first priority is to rescue Lord Seventh. " Rey said, causing everyone to look at him.

" Also, Boro thinks that Kawaki, Boruto, and Mitsuki are down due to his viruses, and we should use it to our advantage. But with you guys able to move, the plan has become a little easier.

So, here's what we'll do. "



Boro watched as Rey and Sarada stood at a distance, the only two opponents remaining. "So, it's just the two of you," Boro commented with a smirk, trying to hide his growing impatience.

"I was starting to get a little sleepy from all the waiting."

Rey's eyes narrowed in anger.

"You will pay for what you did to my friends!" he shouted, charging towards Boro with nothing but his bare hands.

Boro chuckled, expecting Rey to use some sort of jutsu or direct attack. But to his surprise, Rey simply used the momentum of his body to push Boro back a little and then embraced him tightly.

Boro's amusement quickly turned to alarm as he heard sizzling sounds coming from the person hugging him.

Boro looked down to see the smirk on Rey's face and tried to free himself, but it was too late. "BOOOOMM!!!"

Over 50 explosive tags attached to a shadow clone of Rey, which was holding Boro in place, detonated, creating a massive explosion.



The force of the explosion sent Boro's tattered body flying through the air. His head was the only part of his body that remained relatively intact, albeit still badly damaged. But as he lay there, Boro regenerated and was soon back on his feet.

The smirk on his face was nowhere to be found as he realized that if the explosion had been just a bit stronger, it could have damaged his core. He searched the area for Rey and Sarada, but the smoke from the explosion hindered his vision.

As the smoke began to clear, Boro heard Sarada's voice.

" I have it. Let's get out of here. "

" Okay. " Rey replied, and Boro watched as they ran off with the sealing container in hand.



Boro's eyes narrowed as he saw the empty spot where the sealing container had been placed.

His anger rising, he shouted,

"You insolent brats!" and charged towards Rey and Sarada.

What Boro didn't know was that the sealing container in Sarada's hands was nothing but an earth transformation jutsu, used by Rey to mislead him.

In addition, Rey had used his earth style jutsu to lift the ground around the container, making it appear like a normal boulder to the naked eye.

On a nearby cliff, Boruto, Kawaki, Mitsuki, and Sarada nodded at each other before proceeding with the task assigned by Rey.

Sarada followed Boro, accompanied by a wood clone of Rey, while Boruto, Kawaki, and Mitsuki went to secure the original sealing container.



The Sarada being chased by Boro was actually a wood clone of Rey, transformed into Sarada using the 'wood transformation jutsu'.

It had been Kawaki's suggestion that Sarada focus on finding the core rather than confronting Boro.

Rey also could have used shadow clones instead of wood clones to keep his wood release a secret from Sarada and the others, but he knew that would reduce his overall battle power and he didn't want to take that risk while fighting an opponent as powerful as Boro.

Therefore, Rey came up with the idea of presenting his wood clone as Sarada, hoping to make Boro drop his guard.

As Sarada reached Rey's location, guided by his wood clone, she saw Rey and her copy standing beside the fake container, with Boro approaching them.

"You can't run now.

I have already surrounded the area with black mist and it's only a matter of time before you go down." Boro said, his smirk returning.

Sarada saw the concern on Rey's face and couldn't help but worry about his safety. However, the wood clone by her side reassured her with a smile.

"Don't worry, they are both wood clones.

Just focus on finding the core." the wood clone said.



Sarada looked at Rey's wood clone in surprise and asked,

"Where is the real Rey?"

The wood clone just smiled and told her that she would see soon, reminding her to focus on finding the core. Although Rey had another plan to destroy the core, he knew it was better to rely on Sarada's Sharingan as he wasn't completely sure about his own plan.

" We will kill you before your mist can reach us! " Rey's wood clone, standing in front of Boro, shouted and launched himself towards him.

Boro didn't stay still this time and launched a series of acid attacks at Rey, but Rey's wood clone skillfully rotated his body and avoided the dangerous attacks.

The wood clone disguised as Sarada also didn't stay still and circled behind Boro while he was focused on Rey.

Sensing the incoming danger from behind, Boro quickly turned around and saw Sarada with a Rasengan in her hand, leaping towards him and aiming for his heart.



Not having enough time to dodge, Boro once again formed his strange hand sign and took the attack head on. Rey was confident that there was no way Boro would know the abilities of everyone and didn't hesitate to use the Rasengan, a sure-fire way to deal heavy damage.

The Rasengan easily passed through the left side of Boro's chest, creating a gaping hole. But once again, he healed in an instant and kicked the attacker in the stomach, causing her body to collide with a rock before stopping.

The wooden clone disguised as Sarada, didn't disperse due to its sturdier nature compared to shadow clones and quickly placed its hands on the ground, performing the 'earth style: earth holding hands' technique.

This jutsu allowed the user to manipulate the earth beneath an opponent's feet, causing it to rise up and grab hold of both their legs. The jutsu was quite durable and could only be physically forced away by taijutsu specialists and human tanks.

Boro looked beneath to check what was happening, but was forced to use his hand sign again as the wood clone of Rey attacked him with a Rasengan in each hand, one aimed at his right side of the chest and the other at his left side of the abdomen.



"Found it!" Sarada exclaimed as she looked towards the wooden clone beside her, who nodded towards her and then transferred the information to Rey.

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