1 Am I dreaming or something?

Looking at his own reflection in the mirror, a young boy thought.

' These memories and this body?




Am I dreaming or something?'

Finding it hard to believe, the boy pinched himself to check whether he was in a dream or not.

' As much as want to think of it as a dream, the pain seems to be telling me otherwise.' Feeling the sharp pain on his hand the boy thought.

Now somewhat convinced that it was not a dream, the boy sat back on his bed and started thinking about his current situation.

' So the previous owner of this body is called 'Rey' and he is the only son of tenten.

But I don't remember tenten having a son or any other person called Rey mentioned in the beginning of the series. '



Feeling something amiss, Rey (new) once again went through the memories of the previous Rey and found something important.

' Hmm.. there are no memories of a father and by seeing how tenten reacted whenever the previous Rey asked about his father, it's not too hard to guess that he was probably adopted or something. '

After getting to that conclusion Rey started thinking about other things.

' So, tomorrow is Himawari's birthday, meaning the story has just started.'

Suddenly his train of thought stopped.

' Fucckkk!!! 'Rey cursed inwardly as he realized that he had only read the first chapter of the manga and only knew a few things about the future.

Taking a deep breath, he controlled his emotions and said inwardly.

' Well, it's not like I knew I would suddenly die at the hands of the legendary Truck-kun.'



' So there were a few things mentioned in the first chapter.

One is sasuke would come back in the village with some scroll from Kaguya's castle and then Boruto would ask him to take him in as a student.

Another is that the chunin exams are near, although I don't know the exact date.

There is also that new device for jutsu's that Naruto clearly banned from the Chunin exams, but there is a high chance someone would use it otherwise they wouldn't have given that sly looked dude so much screen time in the first chapter, and who is better than our attention craving boruto.'

With that Rey completed his search of what he remembered of the first chapter.

As he continued running his brain to its maximum limit, he remembered another important thing.

' The starting scene showed boruto fighting someone named ' Kawaki ' who apparently had killed the seventh hokage 'Naruto' and they both had those weird tattoos on their bodies. Boruto also had right eye different from his left.

Hmm.. byakugan maybe?'



Although he continued thinking about this matter, he could reach any further from where he already was. He knew that Boruto still hadn't unlocked his byakugan from the previous Rey's memories, but he still didn't have enough information to reach a possible conclusion.

' The main point is they were both stronger than Naruto during that starting scene. Meaning, if I want to live my own way, I have to be stronger than Naruto, which seems to a nearly impossible task.'

Rey had checked the memories of the previous Rey and knew that even though his ability were not too bad, they were also not so good.

He basically used ninja tools like Tenten and could also do a few basic lightning jutsu but not efficiently.

Rey clearly knew that unless he had some golden finger like those other novel mc's, it would be nearly impossible for him to reach that level of power.



' Let's check if the goddess of luck has shined upon me.' Rey thought inwardly and said.

" System? "

As soon as Rey said that a blue screen appeared in the air in front of him.


Do you agree to claim the following rewards:


1) Chakra control ( Skill ): Gives the user perfect control over chakra.

2) Nature Energy control ( Skill ): Gives the user increased control of nature energy.

3) Secrecy ( Skill ): The user is able to hide his chakra and intent.

4) Dream Implant ( Skill ): Give the user the ability to implant dreams into a sleeping person. The skill will also notify the user 10 seconds before the target wakes up.

Requirements: The user must remain in physical touch throughout the dreaming period and the target must have a certain level of trust in the user.

5) Absolute obedience ( Skill ): Grant the user absolute control over the women. They also won't ever do something intentionally that might hurt the user.

Requirement: The user must ejaculate once inside the women's vagina for the skill to work.

6) Impaler ( Title )


- Increased dick size.

- Increased vitality.

- Ability to control the fertility of his seeds.

- User's chakra capacity will increase by the 1 percent of partner's total chakra capacity every time he shoots his sperm inside the partner. Works only until the total percentage adds up to 100.

- Increase the vitality of the user's partners, making the skin smooth and younger. Works only when

the user's sperm enters the partner's body.


( Yes/ No ) ]

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