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Impaler In Boruto ( R-18 )


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The story follows the adventures of a man who died and got reincarnated as 'Rey', an adopted son of tenten during the starting of boruto. Follow Rey on this erotic yet action packed adventure and guide him in fulfilling the wishes of every naruto lover. ........... ........... What to expect from the story? 1) A cunning mc? ( Done ) 2) A few OP abilities? ( Yes) 3) A lot of action? ( Done ) 4) A lot of erotic seggs scenes? ( goes without saying. ) .......... .......... There will be no netorare, meaning none of the mc's women will cheat on him. The mc will not not spare the girls within his same age group, So if you don't like this, hope you find another good story. The image used on the cover is not mine, so if the creator wants me take it down, just say so and I will do it. . . Visit the patre0n page for advanced chapters and many other benefits. ( patre0n.com/vas_yl ) Replace 0 with o. ....... ....... Benefits are: 1) Advance chapters 2) Exclusive r-18 posts 3) Exclusive images of characters 4) You can request personal r-18 chapters based on your own preferences. 5) You can message me. 6) You can decide in which direction you want the story to go. . . Enjoy