Chapter 38 Opening_1

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The pricing at the food shop was not expensive, because most of the diners were neighborhood residents or ordinary, low-level loose cultivators, who were not wealthy. The prices were set so that they were affordable for most people, aiming for slim profit margins but high sales volumes.

The shop's signature dishes were primarily beef-based, priced at two spirit stones per plate. This was not exactly cheap for loose cultivators, but it was quite a bargain compared to other establishments selling beef or spiritual meat dishes.

Beef noodles were even cheaper, with plain noodles costing just three-tenths of a broken spirit stone, and noodles with beef costing six-tenths of a broken spirit stone.

An ordinary Qi cultivation loose practitioner could earn about one spirit stone, plus a few more tenths, in a day. So, a plate of beef would require two days of hard work to afford. It was fine on occasion, but impossible to eat every day.