Immortality? Nah, I choose to marry instead! Book

novel - Fantasy

Immortality? Nah, I choose to marry instead!


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“There are chosen ones in this world, ones that are born with extremely-high luck and ridiculous talent, unlike us lowly ones who can only wait to grow old and die.” Just like those popular stories he had read online, in this brand-new world where people pursue immortality, Shenshah thought that he too was someone destined to be great. Sadly, years have passed since he transmigrated yet he is still an average person struggling to find his place. Just when Shenshah was about to completely give up on his goals, a strange voice interrupted his thoughts… [Create Family and Earn Rewards System Activated…] “What?” -Never in his wildest dreams did he expected that bringing a wife home would change his fate! ……… Don’t worry as there’s [NO NTR] [NO Yuri] as author strongly disdains such genre. …….. Additional tags- (Lesbian/yuri girl turned straight by mc) (No dense mc) (no hidden pretending to be a big shot) (No Filler chapters) (crisp to the point plot) (No useless mysterious backgrounds) (no beta mc) (Tsundere) (yandere) (Human-non human relationship) (harem) (comedy) (smart and observant mc) (netori) (blackmail) (bloodshed) (Obsessive lovers) (marriage) (pregnancies) (Wholesome love) (elves/werewolves/vampires/dwarves/demons) (regret?) **Cover as well as character Ai images are made and edited by me using Fotor Pro Ai app. To join the author invite only discord server please add me on discord -c2#8780. ——-x——-x—— **English used is mostly Uk/British version.