Reviews of Immortality: My Spell Upgrades Infinitely


Immortality: My Spell Upgrades Infinitely

Four-armed Scholar

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Boring. The MC is reactive, and just sits around cultivating until an external factor pressures him to do something, so the overall plot is boring and stilted. I was curious about the cheat, but it's also boring. Basically, he if he fulfills the upgrade conditions, he can upgrade his skills. Sounds nice - but the upgrade conditions are the real rub here. In order to upgrade skills, he usually needs resources and some practice time. Sound familiar? Yep, regular cultivation does the exact same thing.


So this one has a more acceptable version of an upgrade type system. Most of the upgrade system stories require virtually nothing as a price for each upgrade. There are usually limits but those limits actually take away from the enjoyment of the story, mainly because the stories suggest unlimited upgrades. In this story the author takes an alternative approach to the upgrade type system. First off it seems that it is truly unlimited and infinite as the title suggests. To work with this each upgrade requires 'resources' to perform the upgrade. There does not seem to be any chance of failure, but acquiring the 'resources' for each upgrade can be time consuming as well as costly. I very much appreciate this approach to the infinite upgrade system concept. The story starts off with the MC transmigrating into a person who just was killed and he has some significant problems cultivating. He only has a pseudo spiritual root. while it is not the worst problem as he is a very poor individual with no real background he is not able to acquire the resources that are necessary to allow him to cultivate. That said he starts going the route of martial techniques. These as he upgrades them eventually allow him to break into the cultivation realms. Most if not all of his cultivation is done via his upgrade system. 'Resources' such as half a day of boxing, 10 teals of silver and a single soul essence are needed to upgrade initially. Each upgrade gets progressively more expensive in both time and money. In reality following the story seems to be a bit difficult, as it is rather confusing as to the progression of events. How does he get involved with this person, or what is the actual sequence. I appreciate this story for the system design, though the story-writing seems to leave a lot to be desired. I may decide to finish the first 40 but if the confusing nature continues I would not really be interested in continuing to read this one.


Hard to read.. very plain and boring.. it's all over the place.. n that too within 35 chapters.. God knows how it's going to be further ahead.. MC kinda stupid with no much personality.. system felt decent and not too op at first.. but within a few chapters MC already crossed highest proficiency for several skills n it's still upgrading ,* spoiler * an example for the above.. once someone doesn't return back from another village/town/city at the time she mentioned.. so MC goes to find her all by himself.. he's at level 2/3 qi refinement n she's at level 9.. the general of town guard is her friend.. instead of informing her and going together he simply goes off alone to rescue her.. she's in a cave injured.. she thinks she's gonna die.. so she hands over her storage bag to her pet to give it to MC as she doesn't want to owe anything.. but she actually doesn't owe anything to the MC.. instead she has helped him a lot n he basically did absolutely nothing to help her or benefit her.. MC reaches on time.. swings his flying sword n kills all the leaders n stuff.. many people escape.. he finds the cave n enters.. escaped people come back.. he swings his flying sword a few times n kills them all.. when he goes back into the cave.. all of a sudden he's covered in blood n is injured.....


This novel deserves all the support. It needs to be selected. It is good enough to be called the the SCRIPTURE OF LEGACY written by the ancient gods. /jk


I've read till chapter 25 and i already love it! the romance is also a little sweet [img=coins][img=update][img=update][img=recommend]


Reveal spoiler


all is good but writing or translation I don't understand it is English but seems like a foreign language to me.....😭😭😭😭




This is a great book. Hopefully, it gets picked up. read with confidence. The MC has good development, and the world development gives it lots of room to grow.


I don't know what you know but i know what I know and that is,... this novel must go on.