2 Advancement

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The proficiency level was divided into beginner, proficient, mastery, and perfection!

Spells were divided into three levels: [Normal], [Authentic], and [Secret]. This Rejuvenation Fist was only an unranked Normal. Lu Chen could already memorize it backward and did not need to look at it at all.

He picked up the Qi Refinement Technique.

After flipping through it carefully, he realized that the Qi Refinement Technique was also a Normal-level cultivation technique, but its grade was one level higher. It belonged to the first level of the Qi Refinement Realm. There were also two spells recorded in the last few pages.

One was called [Sword Control Technique].

One of them was called [Circular Light].

However, he had no Spirit Qi and could not cultivate for the time being.

Putting down the Qi Cultivation Technique, Lu Chen picked up the "Sunu's Secret Scripture". He saw the opening words: "The clothes are removed, the golden powder is worn, and the pictures are spread out. Sunu is my master, and her bearing is magnificent…"

That's right. This was… a proper dual cultivation technique.

"This …" Lu Chen recalled Daoist Qingyun's usual serious expression and was suddenly speechless. It was a little strange. "Alright, I'm ignorant."

Lu Chen flipped through it carefully, put down the scripture book, and looked at his own data.

[Name: Lu Chen]

[Identity: Temple Master of Changchun Temple]

[Cultivation Technique: Qi Cultivation Technique has yet to be initiated (Upgrade conditions can be opened!); Sunu's Secret Technique has yet to be activated (Upgrade conditions can be opened!)]

[Spell: None]

[Spiritual Root: Pseudo-Spiritual Root]

[Fist Technique: Rejuvenation Fist, Mastery (Upgrade conditions can be opened!)]




Lu Chen clicked twice in a row, and the upgrade conditions for the two cultivation techniques were displayed below.

[Qi Cultivation Technique Upgrade Conditions]:

[1: 100 days of hard work (0/100, unachieved!)]

[2: 10 grains of Spiritual Sand (0/10, unachieved!)]

[Sunu's Secret Technique Upgrade Requirements]:

[1: Qi Refinement Level 1 (Unachieved!)]

[2: One Dao Companion (Unachieved!)]

[3: Dual Cultivation 10 times (Unachieved!)]

"There's actually no need for the Enlightenment Pill?"

Lu Chen seemed to be deep in thought. He picked up the porcelain bottle in the box and pulled out the cork to take a look. He saw that it was filled with colorful sand. It was Spiritual Sand.

He counted and found that there were a total of 32 grains of spiritual sand.

In this way, the second condition of the Qi Cultivation Technique had been fulfilled. All that was left was the 100 days of hard work. In that case, as long as he worked hard, he would be able to become a true Qi Cultivator in 100 days.

Moreover, after a few observations,

Lu Chen had already confirmed that the upgrade conditions that appeared on the light screen were actually the easiest conditions for him to meet.

"Unfortunately, it's taking too long."

Someone had used an evil technique to kill the original owner. Lu Chen naturally could not sit still and wait for death. Otherwise, by the time he slowly stepped into the Qi Refinement realm, his corpse might have already rotted.

Therefore, he still had to focus on upgrading the Rejuvenation Fist.

He opened the last envelope.

Lu Chen saw a handwritten letter from Daoist Qingyun and a hexagonal token.

The letter was used to prove Lu Chen's identity, and the token was the outer sect disciple token of the Changchun Valley. If he could step into the Qi Refinement Realm one day, he could take the token and letter to the Changchun Valley and obtain the identity of an outer sect disciple.

"Like a teacher, like a father." Lu Chen sighed and put away his things. He walked out of the room and slaughtered five ducks. He seized the time to continue practicing his boxing.



From noon to the setting sun to midnight, Lu Chen finally completed the requirements for [One Day of Fist Training]. He immediately took out 20 taels of silver, and the light screen in front of him trembled again.

[Name: Lu Chen]

[Fist Technique: Mastery of Rejuvenation Fist (Upgradeable!) +]



Crack! Crack!

The sound of bones cracking could be heard. By the time Lu Chen came back to his senses, his Rejuvenation Fist had already reached Perfection. pounds of strength, and the light screen in front of him changed again.

[Name: Lu Chen]

[Fist Technique: Rejuvenation Fist Complete (Prerequisites for advancement can be opened!)]


"Advancement?? Open!"

[Requirements for Advancement of Rejuvenation Fist]:

[1: One grain of Spiritual Sand (Unachieved!)]

[2: 10 pounds of flesh (Unachieved!)]

Leveling up became advancement. There was no need to practice boxing anymore. Instead, he needed spiritual sand and flesh.

"That's easy."

Lu Chen did not delay. He quickly took out a grain of spiritual sand and brought three dead ducks. The data instantly changed.

[Name: Lu Chen]

[Fist Technique: Rejuvenation Fist, Perfection (Can advance!)+]



Lu Chen took a deep breath and immediately clicked on [+].


The Spiritual Sand and the duck disappeared into thin air. Lu Chen's bones let out a series of explosive sounds. Then, the muscles on his body began to squirm like little mice.

It was not until four or five breaths later that he gradually calmed down.


Lu Chen stretched his limbs and realized that he had grown three inches taller. His strength was also close to 400 pounds. At the age of 16, he was a young man. Every move he made already had the bearing of an adult.

The light screen in front of him suddenly trembled. When it stabilized, the data changed drastically.

[Name: Lu Chen]

[Fist Technique: Rejuvenation Fist, Proficient (Upgrade conditions can be opened!)]


[Rejuvenation Fist Upgrade Conditions]:

[1: One day of boxing practice (Unachieved!)]

[2: Five Soul Essences (Unachieved!)]

[3: 20 taels of silver (Unachieved!)]

[Qi Cultivation Technique Upgrade Conditions]:

[1: 90 days of hard work (0/90, unachieved!)]

[2: Nine grains of Spiritual Sand (0/9, unachieved!)]

The Rejuvenation Fist was already in the past.

The Rejuvenation Fist had been upgraded to the Authentic level. Due to the fact that it came from the same lineage, it was already [Proficient] at the beginning. In addition, there were also new changes to the Qi Refinement Technique, and the requirements in all aspects were lowered.

"The future is promising!"

The sky was already dark. Lu Chen suppressed the excitement in his heart and hurriedly went to bed with the peach wood sword. The next day, when the sky was slightly bright, he got up and continued cultivating.

Time passed quickly.

In the blink of an eye, three days had passed!

For the past three days, Lu Chen had closed the door tightly and focused on practicing his fist technique. He did not leave at all. During this period, there were a few knocks on the door. Lu Chen only observed in secret and ignored them.

Among them, there were two groups of soldiers, and the other groups were commoners who had something to ask of him.

Seeing that no one had opened the door for a long time, they left. However, there was someone who kept lingering around sneakily, knocking on the door from time to time. Lu Chen watched coldly from the side, wanting to see what the other party was up to.

That evening.


Lu Chen was practicing in his room when he suddenly heard a soft thud. His heart skipped a beat. He silently put away his fist and looked out through the crack in the door. He saw a man in a hood creeping towards the room under the high wall and pushing open the doors one by one.

He stuck his head out and looked around carefully. Soon, this person arrived at the left wing where Lu Chen lived.


The door was pushed open and the man walked in quietly.


On the beam, Lu Chen suddenly jumped down. Just as the other party was about to punch, Lu Chen kicked him in the neck. He grunted and fell to the ground.

"That's it,"

Lu Chen landed steadily on the ground. For a moment, he was not used to it. He reached out and pulled off the other party's hood. His expression changed slightly. "Monk? Ku Chan Temple??"

Changchun Temple was located in the northeast corner of Fengxian Town. It was located in a remote area. Ku Chan Temple was located in the south. One was a private Daoist temple that was cold and cheerless. The other was filled with incense offerings. One was in the south, and the other was in the north. There had never been any grudges.

"I should just interrogate him." Lu Chen sighed and found a rope to tie the other party up.

It was late at night, but Lu Chen was still practicing the Rejuvenation Fist. He was drenched in sweat and panting. He finally stopped at midnight and muttered, "Finally, I can level up again."

[Rejuvenation Fist Upgrade Conditions]:

[1: Three days of boxing practice (Achieved!)]

[2: Ten Soul Essences (Achieved!)]

[3: 3 taels of gold (Achieved!)]

[Name: Lu Chen]

[Fist Technique: Rejuvenation Fist (Upgradeable!)+]



Lu Chen did not delay. He stretched out his hand and tapped. When everything calmed down, the Authentic Rejuvenation Fist had reached Perfection. With a raise of his hand, he had more than 600 pounds of strength. The data had also undergone an unprecedented change.

[Name: Lu Chen]

[Fist Technique: Rejuvenation Fist, Perfection (Upgrade conditions can be opened, optional!)]



[Rejuvenation Fist Upgrade Conditions]:

[1: Five grains of Spiritual Sand (Unachieved!)]

[2: 50 kilograms of flesh (Unachieved!)]

[Rejuvenation Fist Advancement Conditions]:

[1: 10 grains of Spiritual Sand (Unachieved!)]

[2: A fist manual (Unachieved!)]

[3: 50 kilograms of flesh and blood (Unachieved!)]


There were two choices! One was the upgrade, and the other was the advancement!

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