Chapter 47: Life Threatened by an Evil Star!?

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Jinzhou City.

Liang Residence.

Just as dawn was breaking, Hongzhi carefully left through the side door. Since he couldn't leave the city at night, staying at the Liang Residence for one night was safer.

However, before he left, he looked back at the Liang Residence. For some reason, he felt that the mansion seemed to carry a sense of decline.

At this moment, he suddenly understood Liang Ying. He indeed couldn't compare to him. If he were to put himself in Liang Ying's position, he would never be able to reach the same level.

Hongzhi couldn't help but shake his head, clearing the emotions from his mind. Then, he clasped his hands together and softly chanted a mantra.


After composing himself, he left quickly. Today, he had to report to his master about the information Liang Ying had shared. The primary task was to retrieve the rare medicinal materials Liang Ying had secretly intercepted.