4 Chapter 4: The Correct Way to Open Innocent Foolishness

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Jinzhou City.

Another night of spring breeze passed.

Dawn broke, and the sun rose from the east.

Liang Sheng removed the Jade Lotus that was placed over him, got dressed, and was indifferent to the resentful eyes on the bed. Without any reluctance, he turned and left directly.

After all, it was just business. There was no room for feelings.

After leaving, Liang Sheng got into the horse carriage, intending to return to the mansion to rest. However, before entering the mansion, he received news from a Liang Family servant.

Liang Ying of the Liang Family's second room had, at the age of sixteen, broken through to the Postnatal Fourfold Realm, officially reaching the intermediate level of martial arts. There would be a celebration feast in the second room of the Liang Family!

Liang Ying was ranked third among the younger generation of the Liang Family and was two years younger than Liang Sheng. However, he had now reached the Postnatal Fourfold Realm despite having far fewer resources than Liang Sheng.

This was the genius of the Liang Family!

At this moment, with a smiling face, Liang Sheng promised to attend the celebration of Liang Ying's breakthrough. There was no sign of dissatisfaction on his face.

After the servant who had delivered the news returned, he truthfully reported Liang Sheng's reaction to the second room. After hearing it, including Liang Ying, everyone couldn't help but smirk.

The rightful eldest son of the previous patriarch indeed knew his place and had no undue ambitions.

When Liang Sheng sent a congratulatory gift, he unexpectedly saw Liang Ping, the Liang Family Patriarch, whom he had not seen for a long time. He hadn't expected him to attend in person.

Liang Ping naturally saw Liang Sheng as well. However, the father and son exchanged only a brief greeting and did not engage in a deep conversation.

After all, even if they wanted to talk, what could they say in such a situation?

At the feast, the younger generation of the Liang family appeared harmonious on the surface, but Liang Sheng could see that many people looked at Liang Ying, who was at the center of attention, with envy, wishing to replace him.

It seemed that the competition among the younger generation of the Liang family would not stop until the heir was finally determined and might become even more ruthless.

Of course, some people at the banquet had different thoughts. Though their talents were average, they felt superior compared to Liang Sheng, with a trace of provocation in their eyes.

However, noticing Liang Sheng's indifferent expression, they found it boring and decided not to pay him any further attention.

The banquet ended successfully amidst the lively atmosphere. As Liang Sheng had expected, the competition among the younger generation of the Liang family intensified after the banquet.

However, these were irrelevant to Liang Sheng, who now just wanted to remain hidden in a corner, away from attention, and quietly grow stronger.

Time flew by, and seven years passed in the blink of an eye.

Jinzhou City.

Liang Family Ancestral Hall.

The Liang Family gathered at their ancestral hall, where they would witness the birth of the new heir.

As for Liang Sheng, who was now standing in the corner, no one paid any attention to him. After all, who would remember a tavern manager stuck in the Second Level of the Postnatal Realm after seven years?

With the Attribute Panel, no one could see through Liang Sheng's true strength. No one knew that he had changed drastically since the past.

At this moment, Liang Ping personally hung the jade pendant, symbolizing the identity of the young master, around Liang Ying's waist in front of the family elders and managers.

Liang Ping looked at the spirited Liang Ying in front of him, patted his shoulder, and sighed in his heart. If only it had been his own son.

Thinking of this, he couldn't help but glance at the corner. In the end, he could only comfort himself, feeling lucky that he could live a peaceful life.

After all, during these seven years, several outstanding descendants of the Liang Family had experienced accidents. As for the reason, after a fruitless investigation, it was left unresolved.

Actually, everyone knew what happened. It was just that in the end, Liang Ying from the second room had the last laugh.

However, Liang Ying indeed deserved the identity of the Liang Family's young master. At twenty-three years old, he had reached the complete Postnatal Sixth Realm and was the most outstanding descendant of the Liang Family in a hundred years.

Even the Liang Family's ancestor, who had been in closed-door cultivation for many years, was startled and came out to inquire about the situation personally. It was only then that the competition for the position of the young master of the Liang family was finally settled.

When more than half of the young master ceremony had passed, Liang Sheng, who was standing in the corner, tensed his body and then relaxed again.

Immediately afterward, someone came to his side, and it was none other than the Liang Family's External Affairs Manager, his Second Uncle Liang Qiang.

"Sheng'er, is everything ready for the banquet? You must not make any mistakes."

Upon hearing this, Liang Sheng quickly nodded, "Don't worry, Second Uncle, everything is arranged and foolproof."

Liang Qiang felt reassured seeing Liang Sheng's confidence, after all, he had been watching his performance for the past seven years.

Although Liang Sheng had no martial arts talent, he was indeed adept at managing the tavern, its business thriving and generating income that made the various branches of the Liang Family envious.

It was precisely because today's banquet was so important that he couldn't help but ask about it personally; otherwise, he wouldn't have worried at all.

As for the banquet arrangements, there were no issues. The disciples of the Liang Family's various branches clinked their glasses and talked happily together, creating a harmonious atmosphere.

The focus of the banquet was, of course, Liang Ying. By now, all competitions had come to an end, and he had firmly secured the position of the Liang Family's young master.

No matter whether others had other intentions or not, at least on the surface, everyone was extremely respectful to him.

However, Liang Sheng, who had arranged the banquet, was now sitting in a corner, watching Liang Ying bask in the limelight, his heart as calm as an old dog.

No one knew how astonishing Liang Sheng's progress had been in these seven years. If anyone could see through his realm, they would probably be shocked on the spot.

Postnatal fivefold!

That's right. After seven years of hibernation, Liang Sheng's attribute panel has completely changed compared to seven years ago.

Name: Liang Sheng

Age: 25

Talent: Innocent Foolishness (Top-Grade)

Techniques: Golden Dragon Technique (Fourth Layer), Longevity Skill (Ninth Layer)

Realm: Martial Artist Postnatal Fifth Layer (25%)

Although the Lifespan Cultivation Technique is simple, reaching the highest Ninth Layer of Longevity Skill would only reach the Postnatal Fifth Realm. However, when he broke through to the Ninth Layer, Liang Sheng felt a mysterious sense that his lifespan had increased by a full ten years.

This is still the result of the Longevity Skill's early layers filling the lifespan he had reduced due to previous forced cultivation. Otherwise, the increased lifespan would be even more.

His previous thoughts were also confirmed, cultivating the Golden Dragon Technique with a higher realm would indeed yield twice the result with half the effort.

Even Liang Sheng himself hadn't expected this result, that there would be no cultivation bottleneck for Innocent Foolishness, and cultivating Longevity Skill would go so smoothly.

Now, even if compared with the ordinary disciples of the Liang Family, Liang Sheng would be considered on par with them. After all, many of the younger Liang Family members hadn't yet reached the Postnatal Fivefold Realm.

However, Longevity Skill didn't have much battle strength. With the same Golden Dragon Technique at the Fourth Layer, Liang Sheng's battle strength wasn't much different despite having more internal energy.

When the banquet ended, Liang Sheng, as the manager of the tavern, took care of the final details. By the time he returned to his mansion, the moon was already high up in the night sky.

From now on, Liang Ying would be the young master of the Liang Family, and Liang Sheng had no resentment regarding this. When he returned to his room, he still followed his habit of the past seven years, sitting cross-legged and cultivating the Golden Dragon Technique.

After completing the Grand Circulation of the Golden Dragon Technique, he subconsciously continued to cultivate the Longevity Skill. Although he had already reached the highest realm, it had become a habit.

But at the next moment, Liang Sheng's face suddenly changed.


In an instant, there was a roaring sound within Liang Sheng's body. If it weren't for the Attribute Panel's Concealment feature, he would have caused a commotion by now.

When everything calmed down, Liang Sheng's face was full of shock, followed by elation in his heart. Could this be the correct way to activate the Talent of Innocent Foolishness?

Because at this moment, his attribute panel clearly showed—

Longevity Skill (10th Layer)!

In this mysterious moment, Liang Sheng's lifespan increased by another twenty years!

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