Chapter 4 Beginner's Guide to Allure Pill_1

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Yaozhu is perhaps more understandable, with its unique taste, many people buy it to make soup.

However, the Fire Dog Tail's uses are quite limited.

You're so young, how come you need this already?


"You don't need to address me as senior, just call me Boss Liu, what's your name, my young friend?" the Fat Shopkeeper asked, grinning from ear to ear.

"Nice to meet you Boss Liu, my surname is Luo, you can call me Xiao Luo."

Despite Luo Chen's humble nature, the amiable Fat Shopkeeper in front of him was radiating an aura that made him extremely uneasy.

He has felt this aura before, it often naturally radiates from cultivators of the Foundation Establishment Stage.

In front of such a master, he naturally had to be polite.

Boss Liu smiled slightly, "So, you're Friend Luo. The two herbs you're looking for are indeed available here, but the quantity is rather limited."

Luo Chen had already anticipated this.

The Great River District is located near the border of the Eastern Wasteland, which stretches for thousands of miles inland.

One of the herbs he was looking for, Yaozhu, is a sea-produced spirit medicine, typically transported from very distant places.

The limited amount was expected, as long as there is some left!

"Can you gather a hundred portions of Yaozhu? For Fire Dog Tails, I want ten."

"We do have that much, but the price is not cheap." Boss Liu chuckled.

What he meant by 'not cheap' was quite expensive, particularly for someone like Luo Chen who is in the third level of the Qi Refinement Stage.

Especially the clothes that the other party was wearing, didn't look particularly wealthy.

"How much is it?"

"A hundred portions of Yaozhu is ten lower grade spirit stones and ten Fire Dog Tails are also ten lower grade spirit stones."

Luo Chen's eyelids twitched.

He even wondered if the Fat Shopkeeper had X-ray vision and saw that he only had twenty spirit stones left in his bosom.

"Is it really that expensive?"

"Do you want it?"

"I will be making purchases on a long-term basis. Can you give me some discount?"

"Hundred Herbs Pavilion, a five hundred year old shop, chains across four domains, fair prices, no cheating, no bargaining!"

"Alright, pack them for me. Here are twenty spirit stones."

With a gritted teeth, Luo Chen reluctantly took out twenty spirit stones.

At an almost invisible speed, the Fat Shopkeeper snatched the bag of spirit stones from his hand.

"Xiao Ling, fetch a hundred portions of Yaozhu and ten Fire Dog Tails!"

Once he obtained the items, Luo Chen carried a large bag of herbs from the entrance and left the Hundred Herbs Pavilion, as the shopkeeper watched with a satisfied smile.

Whilst it was still light, there weren't many rogue cultivators robbing people on the road, Luo Chen returned home dusty and tired.

Looking at the large pile of things on the ground, Luo Chen sighed.

Years of savings, gone in an instant.

After careful calculation, he had saved up fifty spirit stones over the years, and today he had spent all of them.

In particular, the last two main ingredients consumed twenty spirit stones.

"The so-called five hundred year old shop, black shop more like it, I hope you go bankrupt soon!"

After cursing the sly businessman, Luo Chen tried to encourage himself.

"It'll come back, it will all come back!"

"The spirit stones I earn in the future will only be more!"

After speaking, he took off his Lower Grade Robe, folded it carefully and with reverence, and jumped into the creek nearby wearing only his shorts.

This place is relatively remote, although it's also near the Eastern Wasteland Million Mountains, most people returning from the mountains take the eastern route, so there are scarce visitors.

He wasn't worried about being seen, thus forfeiting his chastity.

After a refreshing wash, all the various smells he accumulated from the day were cleaned off.

Although he can perform the Cleaning Technique, that thing felt more like using spirit power to explode all over his body to shake off dust, which wasn't as satisfying as a bath.

The Cleaning Technique was mostly used for cleaning his robe.

Back in the wooden house, Luo Chen changed shorts and casually put on a gray linen shirt.

His wet hair flung at his back, he took out a bundle of ox-hide from the corner of the room.

Inside the bundle, shockingly, was a roll of yellowing bamboo slips, a thin book, and a piece of parchment.

The content on the bamboo slips was simple, the name of the cultivation technique was Longevity Technique, which Luo Chen mainly practices, only up to the ninth level of the Qi Refinement Stage.

Rumor has it that this technique is the beginner cultivation technique of the Medicine King Sect, above it is the Yi Mu Medicine King Sutra.

Luo Chen acquired this cultivation technique from some bones he encountered in a deserted mountain cave.

Luo Chen has never stopped practicing this technique. Apart from daily cultivation, on days when he doesn't refine pills, he spends most of his time practicing this technique.

However, the impact was minimal.

Until now, he is still at the third level of the Qi Refinement Stage, far from breaking through to the fourth level.

However, the proficiency of this cultivation technique increased pretty quickly, and has already reached the level of mastery.

It won't be long until I break through to the perfection level, and reaching the grandmaster level will soon be achieved!

I'm eager to know if mastering the Longevity Technique at the grandmaster level will significantly raise my cultivation level.

The parchment contains the incomplete pill formula for the Jade Dew Pill that my predecessor had found.

Luo Chen doesn't have the interest, let alone the fact that this pill formula is incomplete, even if it were complete, he has no intention of studying it.

After all, this is a second-order pill used by Foundation Establishment Stage cultivators. The various medicinal herbs required are not something he can afford at the moment.

The original owner had spent all his savings, barely gathering the necessary materials, even resorting to substitutes, hoping to get rich quickly.

He must have been so desperate he could see red.

All his attention was focused on the booklet.

As he opened the booklet, the first two pages contained the pill formula for the Fasting Pill.

Unlike other normal pill formulas that only specify the required herbs, this booklet is filled with the ratios of various materials and methods of handling these herbs.

Even the control of heat during the process is mentioned.

Because of this, the original owner was able to start easily.

After just a few failures, he successfully refined his first Fasting Pill.

Since then, he was able to settle down in The Great River District.

Luo Chen had long since exhausted this pill formula.

The one he plans to tackle next is the one on the last five pages.

"Allure Pill: Harmonizes water and fire, balances Yin and Yang, stimulates yang energy, does not hurt the kidney's original sources, and is helpful in prolonging intercourse."

Shared pleasure is double pleasure, the interaction of Yin and Yang is indescribably wonderful! Hence the name of this pill is Allure.

Put simply, this is the Immortal Cultivation World's blue pill.

Of course, according to the product description, it should be rosy in color.

If this product could be refined, there definitely would be a market for it.

Everyone has their needs in that area, even cultivators.

Even in The Great River District, one amongst the six top shops is the Heavenly Fragrance Pavilion.

In this place where female cultivators are scarce, a group of men who readily hunt demon beasts and gather herbs in the mountains, have an even greater need in that regard.

As for why the original owner didn't attempt to refine this pill, Luo Chen couldn't guess his mindset.

Afraid of losing face by selling these kinds of pills?

Heh, this is the path to immortality, there's no need to feel embarrassed!

He focused his attention, carefully going through the recipe for the Allure Pill once more.

How each material is processed, the order in which they are added, the timing, the quantity of each ingredient, the control of heat...

Once everything was etched in his memory, Luo Chen opened the panel in his mind.

[Name: Luo Chen]

[Lifespan: 27/75]

[Spirit Roots: Gold, Wood, Water, Fire, Earth]

[Cultivation Level: Third Level Qi Refinement Stage: 75/100]

[Cultivation Technique: Longevity Technique Mastery: 235/300]

[Technique: Beginner Cleaning Technique 49/100, Proficient Entanglement Technique 176/200, Mastery of Fireball Technique 268/300]

[Skill: First-order Pill Refiner: Fasting Pill Grandmaster 501/1000]

[Achievement Points: 10 points (can be used for entry into any corresponding level cultivation technique or technique skill)]

His eyes first pause on his remaining lifespan before moving to the last row.

Achievement Points!

Every technique, every skill, every method, each time you break through a proficiency level, you receive an achievement point.

Once you have accumulated ten achievement points, you can use them to begin learning any corresponding cultivation technique or skill.

He had recently acquired the Cleaning Technique, which is why it's still a beginner's level, as he hadn't had time to advance his proficiency.

Moreover, techniques are very spirit power consuming.

Bearing the survival pressure, that's why he put most of his efforts into pill refinement.

Finally, as he had hoped, he reached grandmaster level at refining Fasting Pills, which earned him a full five achievement points.

Combined with two points from the Longevity Technique, one from the Entanglement Technique, and two from the Fireball Technique.

They add up exactly to ten points!

Moreover, his accumulated savings would cover the cost of materials needed to refine the Allure Pill ten times.

Success or failure will be decided tomorrow!

For now, it's time to allocate my points!

Oh, no, it's time to initiate the Allure Pill refinement skill!

Upon activating the thought, ten achievement points disappeared.

In place of those points, there was now an additional line on the attribute panel.

[First Order Pill Refiner, Fasting Pill Grandmaster 501/1000, Allure Pill Beginner 1/100]