Tang Ru Yi clenched her fists in anger, and Tang Yuo Lin was the Head of their Family and their Master. She couldn't believe a 14-year-old boy would so easily kill her Master.


So was Tang Ji Yun. He was Tangtrusted elder Yuo Lin's, seeing Tanghead Yuo Lin's separated from his body made his body tremble with anger.

"I'll kill you!"

Tang Ru Yi dashed forward and held his sword in his right hand, and he rushed towards Xu Yuan to kill him.

Luo Jing Yan who saw started to take action and prevented Tang Ru Yi from taking further action on his son.

"Don't you ever touch my son!" Luo Jing Yan swung the long sword in his hand with an angry shout and immediately cut Tang Ru Yi's body into two pieces.

The silence continued. They shuddered in fear as they saw Luo Jing Yan effortlessly kill Tang Ru Yi.

Ru Yi was only at the 4th level of the Transformation stage, one level lower than Luo Jing Yan, but Xu Yuan's mother still easily killed Tang Ru Yi.

Xu Yuan smiled sincerely when he saw his mother helping him. Even though he could easily kill Tang Ru Yi, his mother's help was a gift given by heaven to him.

Xu Yuan was also shocked when he had killed Tang Yuo Lin, and the system gave him a lot of experience points and exchange points. He still remembered when the system told him that he would only get exchange points if he had completed his mission.

He asked the system, "System, why are you giving me so many exchange points? Didn't you say I would get exchange points if I finished the mission?"

[Master has completed the system mission by killing cultivators at the Transformation stage. Master can take a look at the system's Mission Deployment, and then Master will understand the system's intent.]

After hearing that, Xu Yuan quickly left the crowd and left his mother. He didn't care about those people. For him, he just needed to raise his hand then the people of the family Tang would die in his hands.

Xu Yuan placed himself inside the Xu family library, and he walked deeper and deeper in search of a quiet place. He needs to transfer his inner consciousness into the system if he wants to see the system space.

He slowly closed his eyes and began to distract himself.

He explored the system room and saw a board called 'System Mission'. He entered the room and saw thousands of information in it.

As his gaze crossed a list of 'Bounty Murder' names, he became curious. He approached and saw a list of missions that could make him richer.

[Bounty Kill List: Birth= 10,000 PP + 5,000 PT; Transformation= 20,000 PP + 10,000 PT; Jalan Kesengsaraan= 50,000 PP + 20,000 PT; Heavenly Path = 100,000 PP + 40,000 PT; Emperor= 200,000 PP + 50,000 PT; Mortal= 500,000 PP + 70,000 PT; Ruler= 1,000,000 PP + 100,000 PT; Nirvana = 3,000,000 PP + 300,000 PT; Saint= 10,000,000 PP + 700,000 PT.]

[Note: Master will get additional rewards if Master kills every being at the peak stage of cultivation.]

Xu Yuan was overjoyed when he saw the missions on the board in front of him. He can kill enemies as well as get rewards from the system. Also, the rewards are not small but close to millions of exchange points.

Xu Yuan also looked at the board beside him, which had inscriptions related to the previous mission.

[Birth= 10,000 Creatures; Transformation= 9,999 Creatures; Path of Tribulation = 10,000 Beings; Heavenly Path = 10,000 Beings; Emperor = 8,000 Creatures; Mortal= 8,000 Creatures; Ruler = 5,000 Creatures; Nirvana = 5,000 Beings; Saint= 3,000 Creatures.]

[Note: If Master has completed the mission well, the system will update the mission to become more difficult, and the reward you will get will be more.]

Xu Yuan widened his eyes in disbelief. The system inside his brain had a consciousness of its own and could even bestow countless gifts on Xu Yuan.

Xu Yuan had killed Tang Yuo Lin, who was a cultivator at the Transformation stage. He gained 20,000 experience points and 10,000 exchange points, which were quite a number and could allow him to shop in the system shop and buy some valuable items.

Xu Yuan exited the room and looked at the other side of the system room, there were many doors made of holograms in front of him, but unfortunately, they were all still locked due to the limitations of the system version.

The system itself was still at version 0.01, which was the first version and only had a few rare items, but if he could sell those rare items to the outside world, he could get millions of Spirit Stones with just one item from his system.

For example, if he bought a 5 or 6-star Weapon, several major families and even the empire would fight over it, no matter how much money they would spend.

Weapons in the system are distinguished according to their star rating. For one-star weapons, the price is only 50 exchange points, two-stars are around 100-200 exchange points, three-stars are around 300-500 exchange points, four stars are around 600-1,000 exchange points. , five stars around 1,100-2,000 exchange points and six stars around 2,100-4,000 exchange points.

According to him, the price is quite low, considering that every time he kills his opponent, he will get a lot of experience points and exchange points.

It calls the system to see the hologram of its progress.

[Host: Xu Yuan]

[Level: Transformation level 1]

[Exchange points: 119,680 points]

[Technique: Ten Fingers of the Solar God (Understanding: 100%); Shadow Arts (Comprehension: 100%); soul-destroying Arts (Understanding:100%)]

[Experience points: 5,000/30,000]

[Skill Points: 56,000 Profound Skill Points]

[Weapon: Heaven-Destroying Sword (Control: 5%)]

[Magic Artifact: Flying Shoes; Control Thread; Pill God Furnace]

[Status: Young lord of city Xianjin]

[Occupation: Alchemist]

[Condition: Healthy]

When he looked at the data hologram in front of him, he was slightly surprised to see his weapon control increase to 5% from 0%.

Amid his shock, he remembered that he used the Heaven-Destroying Sword while resisting Tangknife attack Yuo Lin's.

He didn't expect, and he only blocked Tangattack Yuo Lin'susing his sword. He had subconsciously raised the percentage of weapon control that made him happy.

Currently, he has a lot of exchange points, and he also gets a shopping voucher for 10,000 exchange points and a 50% discount voucher.

At the same time, he wanted to buy some Fighting Arts and items to make it easier for him to fight the enemy. However, now he could easily kill cultivators at the stage of Transformation. There might be more enemies wanting to kill him in the future.

Therefore, he requires comprehensive preparation to be able to suppress and defeat all his enemies.

Xu Yuan entered a room called the 'Combat Arts Group'. He knew that the room contained several fighting arts from the Yellow level to the Star level.

Xu Yuan read several explanations of the usefulness of the many fighting arts before him and the various prices, from the cheapest to the most expensive.

But with two shopping vouchers in his hand, he didn't have to worry about running out of exchange points. Xu Yuan would only have to kill cultivators or beasts to get his exchange points back, even if he did.

After seeing some of the fighting arts, he was attracted by the 3 martial arts in front of him, and he immediately ordered the system.

"System, I want to buy these three Star-level arts, use the discount voucher as well as the shopping voucher to buy it! Just use the remaining vouchers to buy Profound Skill Points!"

[Congratulations! Master has purchased 3 Star-level Fighting Arts for 18,400 exchange points. The system activates the purchase process using a 50% discount voucher and a shopping voucher of 10,000 exchange points, and then the price will be reduced to 9,200 exchange points.]

[Master has purchased 80,000 Profound Skill Points, your shopping voucher has been forfeited for this purchase.]

Note: I forgot how much it was before for the number of deep skill points, so I just stuck the 56k number in the data hologram hehe. If anyone remembers, just comment so that it will be corrected later.

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