28 Powers from Green Goblin


This meatbag can talk? I am surprised.

"You want a piece of me?" I roar at him and then I brandish my claws.

"RAHHHH" Goblin shouted and lunged at me.

While he was coming down with his arms extended, I bent my knees and jumped and we met mid-air. I bent below his arms and pushed against his head, I went to his back and dug my claws deep into his back and dragged myself down to the other side while tearing through his flesh.

"ArggHHHH" he screamed in pain before trying to backhand hit me. I took on the punch and was pushed 10 meters back.

Hmm, I can wear him down but it might take a while. He is stronger than I expected. Maybe he is at the 8-A Multi-City Block level.

'Appraisal level'

[Level: 8-A Multi-City Block level]

Huh? He is really quite powerful.

I decided to try out my new transformation. I would need it to overpower him. I willed to use [Humanoid Spider Transformation]

My blood started bubbling and my upper body bloated before my upper body and head changed to look like a spider and I had...a lot of eyes...

I was disoriented for a bit which Green Goblin used to land a stomp on me. Through the impact, my brain started catching up on adapting to the new perception and I was able to focus.

I can see a full 360 degrees now. I got a full panoramic view. Oh boy! this is so useful!

"Kekekekeke" a weird noise of laughing came out that even I found evil. Goblin was about to stomp me again but I grabbed his leg and easily threw him off.

I stood up more agilely and I could feel so powerful!!! Man, I can't wait to have this much power in my base form. I can feel a little strain while using this mode so I think it can last only a few hours before my muscles need to relax but that's enough.

I rushed to Goblin and grabbing his right hand I ripped it off. Did the same with his left hand, and his left wing, then his right wing and then the legs.

"L^£$^h$%&£ "$%*&*$%^"£$%^ "%^"£$^*"(Looking pretty pathetic right now, aren't you) I said. I realise that I can't speak properly in this form which is a bummer, but I bet I sound scary as fuck!

"AAAAA!!! UUU U.....u...." Goblin is whimpering right now while being wide-eyed. Maybe he is in shock? What can I do? I am OP as fuck in this form. Hahahaha.

"&£$&"£$%£" "$%^"£$^% £"$%"£$^" (You won't mind if I take a bite of your hand do ya?) I say to him while waving his hand in front of his face.

I think my spider form is somehow influencing my thoughts because I find the arm delicious looking. I take a big bite. It kinda tastes like a pineapple. After taking the bit for some time I enjoyed the taste before I started gagging on the thought I just had and for savouring the taste. I guess having a human mindset is not mixing that well.

I disable the mode and my body turns back and I am now back in my Noir outfit. I collapse to the ground and control myself to not puke.

"Umm Mr. Peter is it safe to go now? arghhh..." I heard Miles say while I heard sounds of puking. Dayum this must have been too much for him.

"I don't know kid let's wait a bit to see if he is really normal again" I recognised the voice to be Peter.

" What was that? He did get more powerful by transforming? Can we do that too?" I heard Gwen saying. Does she really want to turn into that? kinky...nevermind I don't want to even think about that.

"I sure do like my human skin. I ain't turning into that!" said Noir. Dude...come to the dark side...we have cookies. It's a bummer but I guess he would be less willing to go far for power considering that he is from the black and white era.

I shakily stand up. I feel tired, but not enough to collapse. I walked up to Goblin and end his misery by cutting off his head. Hmm after this I need a break...this was too gruesome for me. I will try out the transformation later and practice more so that I have more control over my urges and emotions in that form. This was a mistake that I won't want to repeat.

[Abilities: Superhuman strength(8-A level), Superhuman speed and reflexes(8-A level), Superhuman stamina(8-A level), Superhuman Durability(8-A level), Healing factor(high), Goblin Lord Wings Status: 80% compatible

Using adaptability to adapt to compatible powers...



Ability compatibility: 70%




Obtained abilities:

Superhuman strength(8-A level)

Superhuman speed and reflexes(8-A level)

Superhuman stamina(8-A level)

Superhuman Durability(8-A level)

Healing factor(High): Heals normal wounds in minutes. Severe wounds in hours.

Goblin Lord Wings--->Spider Lord Wings: Adapted to suit the user's physique. The wingspan is of 5 meters and the current max flying speed is Mach 2.


My power started increasing. I can feel it!

I sat down to wait for the pain and it did come...unfortunately...and it hurt like a bitch.

I heard my bones pop and break and then get strengthened along with my muscles. My chest started feeling hot then it started getting buff. Nonononono!!! I don't want to be too buff!!

Maybe my prayers were heard because my size stopped increasing. From casual examination, I can estimate that I am 6'5 now. Quite large...and my body is very buff now...I don't know if I should be happy or not. I didn't want to become this large...but I guess it is what it is...

The process lasted for a few more seconds before the pain stopped. I can feel that my body has gone through a qualitative change. I feel like I am on the verge of breaking the barrier of the 8th Tier and going into the 7th tier. I think I need a few more superpowers or higher development in some existing abilities to break through. My heartbeats are different and I am currently calculating the amount of force I need to control myself to use when normally operating. Truly if I wasn't able to adapt faster thanks to my intellect then I would be stumbling and crashing around due to a sudden increase in my strength.

I came out of my thoughts when I felt someone trying to shake my shoulders.

"Hey Soren, are you there? are you back to normal? can you understand me?" said Peni while looking scared and concerned.

"I...uh...I am fine...can I get some water and some food?" I cracked out with my hoarse throat. Ah, shit am I going to have a higher appetite than before? Damn it.




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