Immortal Only Accepts Female Disciples

A young man finally managed to become an immortal, a powerful cultivator able to lord over millions of souls. He took advantage of his tremendous luck and fortune to become the youngest immortal in history. He now wants to create his own sect and enjoy life, one filled with female disciples! © 2020 Kirbyisgreen, All Rights Reserved. Join my discord for updates and to discuss the novel: https://discord.gg/dY5UApw Support the novel on patreon and get early access to chapters: https://www.patreon.com/kigreenwriting

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Side Story: Companion of the Wood Phase (III)

Chen Wentian couldn't say that he had bedded too many women in his life. He also couldn't say that he was an expert in dealing with experienced women. He wasn't a great womanizer in his past and he had only recently started enjoying the fruits of lovemaking.

Because of this, his instinct was to treat Lanlan like his disciples. He pressed her down enthusiastically and lovingly. He was gentle when she was shy and rough when he felt that she could take it. He was aware of her every reaction and adjusted his moves to make sure that she was enjoying every moment.

Her maidenhood was abandoned with only a few drops of blood on the bear pelt as evidence. She had rejected the men of the Great Bear Tribe for so many years in hopes of meeting a seeker. All she wanted was a chance and now this was her time to blossom.

Lanlan wrapped her legs around his waist and clutched his neck for dear life as his thick shaft plowed into her depths, defiling her most precious place in the most wondrous ways. Flashes of pleasure erupted each time he bottomed out and stretched her to the limit. Her whole body was on fire as a result. Her mind was a raging sea. She never knew that it could feel this good.

Her cries filled the small wooden hut, mixing together with his loud grunts. The steady squeaking of the wooden bed was also significant. The huts of the village were closer together and the other women waiting their turn could hear everything. It filled them with excitement, anticipation, and jealousy.

After about ten minutes, there was a loud wail from the hut, a woman's cry in the throes of ecstasy. Everyone's eyes brightened. This seeker was indeed talented!

A few seconds later, Chen Wentian collapsed on top of Lanlan, panting heavily as he rode through the waves of pleasure of his own release. His cock jerked powerfully several times before eventually calming down.

After he had filled her to the brim with his hot seed, he finally pulled out of her. When he did so, Lanlan jerked her hips up and covered her pussy with her hand as if she wanted to stop his seed from leaking out.

Seeing his inquisitive look, she blushed even though her face was already red as a tomato, "Brother Ming, if you end up choosing me as your companion, it would be joy beyond measure. But if you don't choose me, there is still a chance that I might bear your child and that would be my honor and duty."

Chen Wentian's couldn't help but smile. Any man would be pleased when a woman wanted to have their children. This was also an age-old tradition of the Great Bear Tribe. Each seeker was a talented disciple of the Eastern Light Clan. Leaving behind a few offspring only benefited both sides for years to come.

He leaned down and gave her a final peck on the lips, "Thank you. Lanlan. You are amazing. If it were not for the rules of the trial, I would have liked to press you down once more."

She glanced down at his member that was still glistening with both of their fluids. It was already starting to harden. Her eyes widened and a wisp of wistfulness crossed her face.

Chen Wentian left her like that and left the hut. Only the female elders could be seen, watching him intently. Everybody else was in their dwellings while the men had all disappeared to who knows where.

"Seeker, well done. You may choose your next partner."

Chen Wentian nodded and thought about it, trying to remember which woman had gone into which hut. Although there were so many women available to him, he did not intend to sleep with all of them. There was something about this situation that didn't sit well with him.

He didn't usually mind having sex in his other soul's bodies. He always enjoyed having sex with He Xingping's wife and took over the soul to do it personally whenever he had free time. Ming He's servant girls were also interesting to play with and a different experience compared to his disciples. However, this situation was different.

It was because there were so many women and, in his mind, this was totally unfair to his primary soul. The most women he had deflowered in one go was five with the ice sisters. Now, Ming He was presented with the opportunity to potentially push that number to the thirties.

This was completely unfair!

How could a subordinate body experience something so amazing when his main body could not? It was unacceptable!

Chen Wentian grimaced slightly and shook his head. It seemed that four was the limit for today. It was a pity to waste such an opportunity but everything had followed the natural order of things…

The second woman he chose was a stunning girl in her late twenties. She was the most beautiful maiden in the village and she was too irresistible. When he pressed her down, it was like the first time with Wu Qianyu and Li Yuechan. She was a priceless treasure in his arms, an obedient little waif for him to torment.

The second round lasted twenty minutes. A helpless woman's cry echoed across the village and Chen Wentian emerged again.

"Seeker, great job. Please choose your next partner."

The third one was a mature seductress. She had a wildly arousing body a wide waist, thick buttocks like fluffy clouds, and enormous breasts that defied logic. She was the oldest candidate at the age of thirty-six.

He kind of felt bad for her, waiting for so long for a seeker, so he made sure to give her his all. He made her come undone under his powers not once but twice before he let out his precious seed inside her.

When he came back out, the elders were already staring at him like he was a god. It was obvious that few seekers could bring such pleasure to the candidates.

"Seeker, are you tired? We have some potent recovery pills and vitality pills." One of them offered as if they intended for him to deflower the entire village.

He waved his hands, "No need, this one is the last one."

"The last?"


Ignoring their confusion, he strode into the hut of the woman he had been most interested in.

All towering figure stood facing him. She was taller than him by a few centimeters. Her arms were crossed which pushed up her breasts to prominence. Her powerful muscles rippled as she tensed in his presence. The way those well-defined abs squeezed together was particularly fascinating.

He had never seen a woman like her before. Her physique was utterly one of a kind. In addition, her features were gorgeous enough to rival that beauty he had just bedded.

"What's your name?" He asked.

"Tiger Star, Huxing." She replied and studied him with great interest, "Your performance has been quite impressive."

He grinned, "Thanks, I hope I can impress you as well."

She smiled dangerously, "I hope you are strong enough."

She was referring to her cultivation which was at the 10th Level of the Spirit Initiate Realm. At only the age of thirty, she would be a talent even within the Eastern Light Clan. To be able to reach this level in the wild jungle, her power wasn't a joke.

Chen Wentian let out his own cultivation and the power of the First Light of Zhulong. White light surrounded his body, radiating a mysterious spiritual force.

Huxing responded in kind and a faint fog of verdant spiritual energy covered her body in a thin layer.

Seeing this naked goddess before him, his cock sprang to life. Seeing this, her nipples hardened into diamond points as a sweet fragrance wafted out from between her legs.

The pair remained unmoving and eyed each other for a long time, both panting with eagerness while trying to hold themselves back.

Suddenly, their auras met in the middle and both burst into action at the same time. They collided together, their lips crashing into each other forcefully. His claw-like hands gripped her plump rabbits. She sought out his throbbing member, taking him with both hands as if claiming it for herself.

Chen Wentian and Huxing fought supremacy in that tiny hut. Their hands roamed wildly over each other as their spiritual energies clashed. They stumbled into shelves and knocked over tables. None of it mattered as they were solely focused on each other.

At some point or another, he finally managed to force her onto the bed and pressed her down, face first. She flailed underneath but he kept her trapped while he spread her legs open forcefully. Seeing her untouched pussy for the first time, he couldn't wait any longer.

He rested his hips atop her perfectly round and perky ass and shoved himself inside.

She howled angrily and fought back.

He trapped her arms and pushed again. She was so tight, so ridiculously tight. Her pussy could have crushed the dick of a weaker man into pieces.

"You're mine." He said harshly in her ear as she continued to struggle.

He finally bottomed out, his cockhead resting against her cervix. His entire shaft was locked down in a vice and it was as if all of him was going to be squeezed out.

"You're mine." He repeated but she only continued to squirm.

He gritted his teeth. He pulled back slightly before pushing in again with all of his might, putting his entire weight into it. His cock stretched her innermost depths and once again kissed her core.

"Ahhh!" She wailed.

"You're my woman now." He said and thrust once more.


"Say it, you're my woman now." He repeated.

"Fuckkkk!" She let out a powerful shout, "Fuck me!"

He gave her exactly what she wanted.

"Ahhh! Fuck me harder!"

He summoned all of his spiritual energy and crashed into her.

"Fuck me like a man!" She howled.

His hips became a blur as he rutted atop her. Their bodies plastered together as they moved in unison. Sweat joined with sweat. Spiritual energies combined. It was one man and one woman, forming an everlasting connection.

With such ferocity, neither could last long. In only a few minutes, Huxing came first. She crumbled beneath him and let out a continuous stream of wails and howls like a wild beast that was dying of pleasure. Under such a scene and unable to bear the undulations of the tightest pussy he had ever experienced besides Jasmine; he quickly came as well.

As she continued to gasp for air, as she finally became obedient and docile, he finished pumping her full of his seed. He then collapsed with utter exhaustion. He was done. The trial was over and he had finally found his companion of the wood phase.


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