273 Night Before the Hunt (I)

The top one hundred ranking ceremony was brought to a close amid a storm of cheers and applause. Everyone's spirits were high. They were all eagerly looking forward to the Golden Feather Hunt.

It was an exciting and unique event for the capital, almost like a two-month-long festival. All the big and small players in the capital were involved in planning and carrying it out.

The association would be publishing daily news that reporting on the progress as well as any notable events. The competitors were fighting for great rewards but they weren't alone. Each of the challenges highlighted a notable person of the capital, an organization, an event, a locale, or a unique culture. It was an amazing opportunity for those seeking fame and fortune as the attention of the entire metropolis would be on them.

Afterward, the residents of the Sky District returned to their towers while the guests flew back to Small Wind Pagoda where they were all housed.

Chen Wentian's group was one of the last ones to return. When they entered the Small Wind Pagoda, a large party was in full swing in the cavernous entrance hall. The banquet was for the top one hundred, their sects, as well as many young masters and mistresses of local powerhouses.

Alcohol was already flowing like water. Cultivators mingled together and it seemed like a good time. With many single handsome men and single beautiful women, there was a lot of flirting and courtship happening. It was only natural and a part of life.

"Welcome, Immortal Blue Dragon!" One of the hosts bowed in greeting, "There is a table waiting for you and your talented disciples."

Chen Wentian didn't reply. He didn't want to participate as there was no benefit for him here. The most he could achieve was to let others ogle his disciples, his women. After meeting the horde of unruly young masters yesterday, he wasn't feeling up to such a situation again.

He looked behind at his disciples, gauging their desires. Lin Qingcheng's eyes were excitedly wandering around the room but that was to be expected. She didn't have to worry about a scavenger hunt the next day and she also enjoyed parties. In contrast, Zhou Ziyun and the ice sisters didn't seem that interested. They were busy chatting amongst themselves, probably discussing the hunt tomorrow.

"Do you want to stay or go back to our room?" He asked them.

Song Wushuang, ever the clever girl, answered first, "Master, we would like to go back early and have a good rest. We want to be prepared for the Golden Feather Hunt in the morning."

The others nodded. Lin Qingcheng looked unwilling for a second but also agreed.

"Thank you." He whispered to them and turned back to the host, "As you see, my disciples don't want to."


"No buts. I am a respectful master who listens to his disciples. I'm sure the party will go on just fine without us. Isn't that right?"

The host looked like a family member had just died but there wasn't anything he could say. He was simply an employee of the tower, not someone who could tell an immortal what to do or not to do. He could only hide his disappointment and step aside.

Chen Wentian led his disciples towards the stairs. Nobody else stopped them but there were plenty of whispers thrown in his direction. Some were just idle gossip but some were quite rude. Something about being too arrogant and having too much dumb luck to get so many good disciples.

He was one of the most prominent immortals at the ceremony behind the four Spirit Kings. Many people wanted to meet him and his disciples. Ironically, these people enjoying the party all around also included many that participated in the verbal condemnation. Therefore, he had no desire to give them face at all. For all he cared, they could all roll over and die.

"Let's go back and prepare for the hunt tomorrow." He said loudly so half the room could hear him, "Plenty of good prizes on the table. I think we can get our hands on a couple in the top tier!"

"Yes, master!" His disciples replied smartly.

"Hahaha, good!"

They disappeared up the stairs and missed out on a second round of public condemnation.

"Master, you're so bad!" Lin Qingcheng giggled.

"They are a bunch of losers. Don't hang out with them." Chen Wentian said.

They soon arrived at the suite and went inside. Once in the security and privacy of the room, his disciples visibly relaxed. It was an exciting day but also stressful standing in front of so many immortals. They would get no rest and would have to jump into another competition immediately afterward.

"I don't know what the Immortal Association is thinking. I just wanted them to give you some prizes but now you have to take part in this kind of complex game. I'm sorry about it." He said.

"Rest assured, master. We are fully committed to doing well in the upcoming months. We won't let you down." Li Yuechan said.

"Well, that's good." Chen Wentian said led them into a side room with a large table in the middle. "This will serve as our meeting room for the scavenger hunt for the next two months. Let's discuss the matter now so we can get a good start."

He took out the map of the metropolis and pinned it on the table. This was a larger version than the one he showed them earlier and it stretched over two meters high and three meters across. There were a lot more details on this map, including smaller towns, geographic features, and places of interest.

He then retrieved a handful of small stones that were barely bigger than a fingernail and placed them at the center, on top of the region labeled the sky district. Each piece was carved with a character, one for each of them.

"Alright, let's begin." Chen Wentian said, "Take out the challenge balls as well as the scroll of rules they gave you."


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