280 Extra Reward

"Where are the others?" Xu Lanyi asked when they returned to the Small Wind Pagoda.

Aside from her and Li Yuechan, only Zhou Ziyun was present.

Zhou Ziyun looked up from the thick tome she was reading, "Wushuang and Xue'er returned yesterday from their first challenge and they've already headed back out. Yue'er should be done tomorrow. Congratulations on completing the first challenge."

"Thank you, senior sister Zhou." Li Yuechan said with a smile.

Chen Wentian reappeared after taking care of some immortal business. "Ziyun, is it ready?"

"Yup. You kids have fun, don't make too much noise… and don't stay up too late." She said with a smirk and disappeared into her room.

Xu Lanyi scratched her head, "What was that about?"

"Master?" Li Yuechan asked, noticing that he was staring at their bodies hungrily.

He disappeared and reappeared between them in an instant. He grabbed their hands gently and squeezed them.

"To reward you for a successful challenge completed, I have an extra reward for you both." He said brightly.

Xu Lanyi rolled her eyes, "If you want to have sex, then let's just have sex."

Chen Wentian slapped her perky ass cheek, "Be patient!"

"You!" She glared at him while rubbing the area that was slapped.

He laughed and pulled them into his room. His was the largest and there was a wide bed that could sleep four or five people. He didn't lead them there but into the bathroom which contained a steaming hot tub.

"You girls had a long mission, so you should relax. Let me take care of you tonight." He said and took off his clothes.

"Master…" Li Yuechan said blushingly, "We can bath ourselves…"

She was back to her shy and reserved self in front of him. She would do everything he asked of her but she couldn't help but feel bashful.

He hugged her waist to undo her belt and dropped her skirt to the marbled floor. "Shhh… you don't have to do a thing. Let me do everything."


She stood still as her master removed the rest of her clothes piece by piece. When he undid her top to reveal her breasts to the steamy air, he 'accidentally' rubbed all over them. When he finally removed her undergarments, he ran his fingers through the thin bush around her pussy and dipped a fingertip inside.

She was already dripping wet but he did not go further. Instead, he left her wanting and needing while he moved over to Xu Lanyi.

"Pervert…" Xu Lanyi muttered but she did not struggle.

She actually looked giddy and impatient, as if Chen Wentian had spent way too long on her sister instead of her.

"You minx…" Chen Wentian whispered in her ear.

He hugged her to him, palming her perky ass, grinding his naked erection against her dress.

"Behave." He said.

She nodded quickly.

He undid her front and bared her shoulder. He couldn't help himself and traced a trail of hot kisses along her skin and finally captured her pink nipple between his lips. He licked and sucked for a few moments and then stopping.

Xu Lanyi whined in frustration. She wanted him to keep going, she wanted to have sex, she wanted him to fuck her hard and fast. But he didn't and simply finished undressing her.

Once they were all naked, he waved his hands above and a downpour of hot water showered down from the ceiling. He then summoned a bar of lily scented soap and began to lather up his disciples' bodies.

"This is Century Soap made from the Century Lily and Ice Palm Oil. Combined, it turns into quite a valuable item, especially for women." Chen Wentian explained as he rubbed his greedy hands against their soft skin, "Century Lily leaves the skin supple and youthful and Ice Palm Oil injects yin energy which enhances womanly features."

His soapy hands landed on Xu Lanyi's breasts and he cupped them both. They fit perfectly into his palm and were quite petite.

"I wonder." He said as he tweaked her nipples, "If it could help you a little here."

Xu Lanyi pouted and squirmed in his arms, "Meanie…"

Li Yuechan giggled and joined the two in a group hug. Her message was clear, she wanted some attention as well. Chen Wentian obliged, giving her more sizable but still manageable breasts a few good squeezes.

He cleaned both of their bodies carefully. His hands, powered by the penetrating energy of Benevolent Hands, helped them absorb the medicinal efficacy of the spiritual soap. His fingers roamed into every crevice and every initiate region. Nothing was left untouched.

And naturally, he paid special attention between their legs. With one hand in between each of them, he teased and prodded and sent them both to a soapy climax at the same time.

Holding their limp bodies, he summoned the steaming shower again. Dirt and grime were washed away as well as all the stress and weariness from the long mission.

"Master…" Li Yuechan clung to his neck and sent him a searing kiss.

Xu Lanyi wasn't going to be outdone and grabbed his neglected erection for a formal greeting.

"There's time for that later." Chen Wentian chuckled and pulled them into the hot tub.

They sank to their shoulders into the steaming water. It was hot and filled with intense medicinal effects and healing spiritual energy.

"Ahhh…" Both women sighed happily with their eyes closed.

The sensations of the hot tub reminded them of home, not of Glacier Palace but Ten Thousand Flower Valley. They wanted to go back to the place they called home. The Eastern Sanmu Metropolis was an amazing place but there were dangers everywhere. It was nothing compared to the safety and familiarity of the valley.

Chen Wentian snuck in between them and wedged himself between their bodies. "Yuechan, Lanyi, what are you thinking about?"

Taking turns, the two women described the events of the past few days. From the time they set foot in Ember Cliffs, to meeting the disciples of Rainbow Canyon Temple, to finishing the challenge with the help of the Giant Mole Worm.

"What an audacious bastard… He dared to flirt with my disciples? He's seeking death!" Chen Wentian said.

"Be assured, master. There is no one in the whole world who can sway our hearts away from you." Li Yuechan said softly.

His heart surged and he kissed her cheek.

"What about you, Lanyi?" He asked, "Is this Kun Meng your type?"

"Annoying…" She muttered and turned her face away from him.

But then, she secretly spread her legs apart under the water and guided his hand down. He grinned and obliged, slipping a finger into her pussy.

"Good girl." He whispered traced light kisses along her neck.

At the same time, his spare hand slipped through Li Yuechan's defenses and found her pussy as well. Both women were forced to endure as his rogue fingers brought them to a second shuddering orgasm.

Their bodies melted into a puddle of pleasure. They leaned into him and clung to his arms, preventing him from tormenting them anymore.

"Fine, fine." He said, extremely pleased with himself, "You can't blame master for feeling a little competitive after hearing your story. Also, Lanyi, if you ever run into Kun Meng again, you have my permission to beat him up without reason. I won't even ask."

"Why's that?" She asked.

Chen Wentian explained that a serious event occurred the day prior at Hell's Grotto. A female ranker participating in the Golden Feather Hunt fell into an unfortunate circumstance and was dishonored by a male disciple from a local sect. The most ironic and infuriating thing was that a female disciple of that local sect also managed to end up in bed with a male ranker from the same visiting sect. The whole thing was a juicy scandal and news quickly spread across the whole metropolis. The sect master of the visiting sect almost started a war with the local sect and the Spirit Kings had to intervene at the last moment.

"Wait… are you telling me… Kun Meng and Shen Kexing of Rainbow Canyon Temple and Xin Zhen and Ying Shenwu of the Legendary Fighter League?" Xu Lanyi exclaimed.

"Yup, exactly those people!" He said.

"What the hell… I knew he was trash but I didn't think something like this would happen." Xu Lanyi said, "Did Kun Meng ruin his junior sister just so he could have his way with Ying Shenwu. Is he insane?"

Li Yuechan frowned, "Perhaps those two were working together from the beginning. She was older than us and I sensed that her talent isn't very good. Perhaps she wanted to catch herself a good husband."

She shook her head. Realizing that they had come so close to a despicable person made her feel queasy. She vowed to much more alert in the following challenges and treat strange men as enemies. She then thought of a scary, worst-case scenario. Her emotions became a chaotic mess and her body shook.

"Hey, what's wrong?" Chen Wentian sensed her turmoil.

She looked down and avoided his eyes, "Master… if it had been Lanyi or me that suffered instead of that girl, what would you do?"

He was taken aback. He was speechless for a moment as he considered the issue. He had never thought of such a thing but it was indeed possible. He couldn't protect all of his disciples constantly like a mother hen. Encountering challenges and exploring their Dao was an inevitability. Anything could happen.

Li Yuechan mistook his silence for something and separated from him. She faced him and bowed until her forehead touched the surface of the water.

"Master. If I, Li Yuechan, met such a fate, I will immediately end my own life. I will never bring dishonor to your name, I swear!"



Chen Wentian and Xu Lanyi were both shocked. Xu Lanyi didn't know what to do but he quickly embraced her and held her tight. He could feel her raw emotions that were threatening to burst out.

"Shhh… good girl." He comforted her, "I would never, ever want you to do that. Not for the entire world."

He rubbed her back until she calmed down. They pulled apart and he looked into her teary eyes. He had already thought of the right answer, the only answer that would treat his disciples right.

"Even if something happened to you or the others, I will still accept you. No matter what, I will accept you with open arms and an open heart. I promise." He said, "So you are not allowed to think such bad thoughts because I will be waiting for you to come back to me, understand?"

Li Yuechan couldn't find her voice and buried her face in his chest.

"Yes… thank you." She finally whispered.

"Good, though I am not quite convinced. You'll have to prove it to me." He said cheekily.

He pulled her and Xu Lanyi out of the hot tub. With a swirl of blazing spiritual energy, they were dried in an instant. In a flash, all three landed on the bed, naked bodies tangled together.

Li Yuechan wasted no time and pressed Chen Wentian down with a desperate kiss.


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