108 War

Translator: Lonelytree


The Knights suddenly moved. The horses under their feet, which had a slight trace of the blood of magical beasts, exhaled heavily. The battle armor on their bodies made them look a little ferocious and terrifying.

The 30 elite Knights who had merged with their bloodline held their weapons. They were like small black dots, blending into the battlefield. They were so unremarkable, so small.

But what shocked everyone was ...

The enemies in front of them died in an instant. Each of them was only an Elite Knight, but their explosive power was not something a Knight could withstand.

A few of Vis' elite Knights saw this and immediately rushed over to help.

"Bryne's trash, go to hell." One of the Knights held a sharp sword and slashed at a person.


The sound of swords clashing rang out.

In the man's disbelieving eyes, he was sent flying off his horse by another Elite Knight. The huge force sent him off his horse.


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