24 The Mystic and the Knight

Kurt's words were like a heavy blow to him, making him a little dumbfounded.

He did not expect that the donation was linked to his salary. Did that not mean that if Kurt failed or someone succeeded, he would not have his salary for half a year?

His expression gradually became serious.

He worked hard, so how could he not get paid?

He looked at the red-haired man not far away and the man who had already come out with a serious expression. 'In any case, I can't let the two of them succeed.'

Herman's throat moved slightly as he looked at Eli. He rarely saw such a serious expression on Eli's face.


At this moment, the gentle-looking man had already come out.

His hair was brown, and he always had a smile on his face. He also carried a bag on his back. If he didn't walk out, one wouldn't even see it.

The Empire's mystic academy was equivalent to a comprehensive university in modern times, but it mainly trained doctors and some professional pharmacists.

It was obvious that the curly-haired man in front of him was a pharmacist because Eli could smell the scent of herbs on him.

'A pharmacist taming a horse? Creative.'

The horse neighed when it saw a stranger approaching. It stomped its four legs on the ground and huffed out the warm air.

Eli stood not far away. He wanted to see how this fellow was going to tame the horse.

He saw the man take out a dark purple potion from his pocket and throw it on the grass in front of the horse.

The potion broke, and purple liquid flowed out. It was not poisonous, but it emitted a terrible smell. This made many nobles regret it as if they didn't want to let the smell get into their noses.

"Can you tame horses with this?" Many people looked suspicious.

But something unexpected happened.

When the horse smelled it, it actually showed an infatuated expression.

He lowered his neck and sniffed the unpleasant smell. It was like a treasure. His eyes gradually became blurred, and his body seemed to relax a little.

"It's very simple!" The man with curly hair smiled confidently and walked toward the horse.

His hand gently stroked the wild horse's fur. His movements were gentle, and he seemed to have some experience in taming animals.

Meanwhile, Eli stood not far away, quietly watching the man's actions.

"It's a simple drug, similar to hallucinogens." With just simple analysis, he had already seen the effects of the potion and even some of the ingredients.

Although the potion knowledge of a mage was lacking, it was more than enough to compete with an Empire academic.

Eli felt that this was not enough.

The man gently stroked the wild horse for a while. Seeing that the wild horse was still drunk in the potion, he grabbed the wild horse's mane and directly rode on its back.

The horse did not move at all.

"Has he succeeded just like that?"

"ah, this is the first time I've seen someone train a horse like this. This is too ridiculous."

The surrounding people looked as if they had seen a ghost. The women from the mystic academy also showed proud expressions. The men from the Knight Academy also frowned. The count looked at this scene with interest.

"It should be about time." On the other hand, Eli was calmly looking at the wild horse not far away.

If it was an ordinary horse, it might not be a problem, but this was a group of horses with extraordinary bloodlines. Such ordinary hallucinogens would probably only make them drunk for a while.

Sure enough, the wild horse suddenly felt some stimulation. A little fiery red color appeared in his eyes, and the hallucinogens gradually lost their effect.

The wild horse neighed. Feeling the man on top of him, he began to sway.

The horse's hooves kicked up a cloud of dust, and the man with curly hair looked terrified. He grabbed the horse's mane with one hand, and his body swayed up and down. A few seconds later, he was thrown off the horse's back.

The man fell from the horse's back to the ground and wailed in pain. One of his hands was deformed as if it had been fractured.

No one expected such an accident to happen. The man was quickly sent to see a doctor, leaving the crowd looking at each other.

"Who's next?" The Count asked loudly after seeing the others off.

The red-haired man seemed to be in a dilemma. He looked at the horse and pursed his lips.

As for Kurt, Eli didn't even need to look at him. At this moment, Kurt's face was deathly pale, and his legs couldn't stop trembling slightly.

In the end, it was the red-haired man who walked out.

His eyes were determined as he walked toward the wild horse. The old man behind him smiled.

A mixed-blood magic horse should be at the level of a low-ranked Knight. Although his student was still a low-ranked Knight, he was already very close to an intermediate Knight. He believed that his student would be able to complete the mission with outstanding results.

Many nobles also looked at him, wanting to see how this Knight would tame this wild horse.

At this time, the wild horse's eyes were still red, but the red-haired man didn't care. He jumped onto the horse's back.

It jumped up and tightly clamped the two sides.

The horses were stunned.

However, it seemed that the remaining madness was still there. The horse began to sway wildly, and every time it stepped on the ground, it would smash a small pit. The Knight also held on with great difficulty.

Although it was difficult, everyone could see that if the wild horse didn't have some tricks up his sleeve, he wouldn't be able to drive him off his new rider.

"It's already very good for a low-ranked Knight to be able to do this." The count nodded.

"I knew he would be fine." The old man from the Knight Academy said proudly.

Alex, Klein, and the others were watching this scene with great interest. They were descendants of great nobles and had plenty of resources, so they had reached the level of advanced and intermediate Knights long ago. This scene was just for fun for them.

Also, the circle of nobles was very strange. Although they owned many knights, they didn't seem to value their units too much. Instead, they were very interested in competitions other than strength.

For example, dancing, knowledge, business, and so on.

If nothing went wrong, the Knight should be able to tame a wild horse.

However, something that no one expected happened.

Wild horse's eyes were already red. Suddenly, as if stimulated, he let out a sharp neigh.

Its eyes became redder and redder, and gradually, both eyes became completely red. Furthermore, a burning aura was slowly being emitted.

On the back of the red horse, little flames appeared.

The Knight's eyes widened. 'Why is it burning?'

The flames weren't large, but they were scorching hot. If it was a battle, he believed that he could cut through these flames. However, he was taming a horse, and the flames had already burned the corners of his clothes.

He only had two choices now. He could either get off the horse or let the flames burn his clothes. If it were the latter, his clothes would be gone before he could tame the horse.

In this regard, the man's choice was to abandon the horse.

He jumped off the horse.

His sudden failure also shocked everyone, especially the old instructor of the Knight Academy. He looked at the wild horse, whose back was on fire, and the corner of his mouth twitched. He looked at the count and said, "my Lord, I finally know why no one in your Knight Regiment can tame this horse."

Before becoming a Grand Knight, one's physical body would not be able to withstand the flames. Below the Grand Knight level, an intermediate Knight could probably defeat the wild horse by cutting it down, but no one could withstand the flames.

Only Grand Knights and above could tame this horse.

"Besides the count, no one else can tame this horse!" The red-haired man seemed to be a little angry as he said.

"It's very difficult. This magic horse can actually produce flames. It's truly too difficult." The woman from the mystic academy looked at the burning grass on the ground and suddenly felt lucky that her student didn't really anger the horse.

However, the Count was also stunned. He looked at a few of them and said, " this horse didn't show such a characteristic before. Maybe something has changed."

If he had known, he wouldn't have suggested something like this to endanger his guests.

This matter was indeed strange. He had to investigate it after this.

The mystics and Knights frowned after hearing this. Obviously, they didn't believe the Count. They even felt that he was deliberately making things difficult for them.

As for scholar Clement, he believed the Count's words and thought that an accident had happened.

The count did not explain. Instead, he looked at scholar Clement and asked, "Would your student like to try?"

As soon as he finished, everyone's eyes fell on Kurt, who was behind the scholar.

Kurt's throat moved slightly, and he looked at the wild horse not far away. He seemed to be in despair.

If he didn't go, it would seem insincere. If he made the Earl unhappy, the library would have no chance of getting the donation. He could go, but there was no chance he could tame this horse.

However, for the library...

After a few seconds, Kurt forced a smile and pursed his dry lips before saying, "I..."

"I'll do it."

A voice suddenly rang out.

Kurt had a startled expression on his face as he looked at Eli, who had raised his hand in front of him. He didn't know if he should continue or take back the words that had just come out of his mouth.

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