76 I've Planted a Seed

Translator: Lonelytree

Bryne calendar year 315.

The whole nation mourned the death of Bryne the sixth.


"It's indeed almost time!" Eli was stunned.

Recalling the state of the king he had seen before, it seemed that he could only live for four or five years. The fact that he was able to live until now was already much longer than he had expected. But it was normal. After all, he was a royal, and he must have some precious medicine.

It seemed that this was also the reason why he did not summon the foreign affairs team. After all, he was almost dead, and he probably did not have the time to pay attention to this.

"Eli, let's go!" When Clement heard the bell, he was also very surprised. However, his many years of life experience told him that it was best to go home at this time.

Just like that, the two of them got into the carriage and returned.



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