94 Departure

Translator: Lonelytree

It was different from the simple funeral of Seviro Mesa when he died.

When Clement died, many of the Empire's famous big shots came to express their grief. This was also the first day Eli did not conduct any studies or experiments.

On this day, he was busy preparing for the funeral.

As for the expenses this time, they would be paid by the library.

They watched as the gorgeous coffin was sent to the cemetery. Soil dropped on the coffin, and the wooden coffin disappeared in front of everyone. Some people covered their faces and cried, while others treated it calmly.

Eli and Herman were standing in the middle.

Eli was silent.

Herman was also sad. He wasn't any better than Eli. Actually, Clement was more worried about him and had even helped him a lot.

On the other hand, it was eli who rarely needed help and was very capable.

This was also why he had asked Eli to help take care of Herman.


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