1 100 years later

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In the bedroom, on the bed.

"What happened?"

"Am I actually still alive?"

Su Chen felt that his mind was a mess. He sat in his bed for a long time before he slowly woke up.

In his mind, a brand-new memory fused with his soul.

"I actually transmigrated?"

Su Chen realized that he had transmigrated to a young person with the same name and surname as his.

He came from 2019, and it was now 2119!

In other words, he had arrived a hundred years later, and the current world had entered a new era, known as the era of talent!

Su Chen remembered detailed information about that period of history.

In 2019, the Earth and another world collided.

Spatial cracks quietly appeared on the surface of the Earth, and ferocious beasts emerged from them, almost causing the extinction of mankind.

Mankind tried to use technological weapons to attack the ferocious beasts.

However, they discovered that at the same time as the world was changing, a type of energy entered the earth, causing all the thermal weapons to lose their effectiveness.

The power of technology was completely sealed.

Even the most powerful nuclear weapon could not be activated, turning into a pile of scrap metal.

Humans could use cold weapons, but with such a weak physique, they were no match for the ferocious beasts.

The only good news was that the space rift had just appeared, and only the weak ferocious beasts could enter the earth.

Even so, the human side suffered heavy losses.

Scientists continued to research and finally discovered that certain forces could be absorbed and utilized by humans.

From then on, a brand new occupation was born for humans- as martial artists!

Their bodies and life forces were refined. 

Humans could become martial artists after absorbing the forces on earth and break the limits of their physical bodies.

Not only that, but there were also some humans who had awakened their innate abilities.

Among their talents, was the ability to awaken their cultivating powers faster.

Some quickly awakened talents such as fire, frost, and lightning.

With the power of martial arts and force absorption, humans became stronger and could contend against the fierce beasts.

Under the influence of the forces, the earth was now hundreds of times larger than it was a hundred years ago. It had become extremely vast.

Even so, humans only had a small portion of their territory.

Most of the areas were still occupied by fierce beasts.

In 2019, when the spatial rift had just appeared, and the force descended on the Earth, one in ten thousand people were able to awaken their talent. But at that time, the humans' physique was too weak. The humans who awakened their talent were broken by their own sudden strength; their bodies couldn't adapt at all.

Su Chen smiled bitterly at the thought of it.

At that time, he had also awakened his innate talent.

Although he had not known what kind of innate talent he had awakened, he knew that a huge amount of force had fused into his body. It caused his entire body to explode on the spot!

Others who had awakened their innate talents were either stuffed to death or crippled.

But for him, he had exploded!

Even now, he did not know what kind of terrifying innate talent he had awakened. He felt somewhat regretful because of it.

Su Chen began to examine his current body.

He was fifteen years old.

This was the golden age for cultivating innate talents, and his body had already developed to the point where it could absorb the force.

He knew that once one reached the age of twenty, the speed at which his body could absorb the force would slow down. No matter how awesome the talent he awoke was, there would be very limited use for it in the future.

As he continued to examine his body, Su Chen's expression suddenly changed drastically.

His talent was very poor!

In this era, where one could possess the force and cultivate it, talent determined everything!

If one wanted to become a true expert, high-grade cultivation talent was very important!

The grades of talent were divided into weak-grade talent, low-grade talent, medium-grade talent, and high-grade talent.

It was said that even higher levels of talents existed!

However, Su Chen was not too sure about this.

Anyone at the age of fifteen could buy a talent stone to check their talent level.

However, this talent stone could only check their cultivation talent. If they wanted to check their other talents, they would need a special talent stone.

Before he had transmigrated to his new body, the preceding Su Chen had bought a talent stone.

After checking, he found that he had the weakest talent.

In a fit of anger, he died on the spot!

Su Chen, who had transmigrated, had a headache.

Weak talent was the worst. Although he could cultivate it, he was no different from an ordinary person.

There had never been anyone with weak talent who could become a martial artist.

To become a martial artist, one needed to have a thousand pounds of strength!

If he didn't have the strength, then he would never be called a martial artist.

To become a martial artist, one had to have inferior talent at the very least. Moreover, with inferior talent, whether one could become a martial artist depended on luck.

Once one became a warrior or martial artist, even the weakest warrior could surpass an ordinary person in strength. 

One could be considered a big shot!

However, he knew that his current talent was a level lower than inferior talent; he could not even meet the minimum requirements for a warrior.

On his path to cultivating talent, he had basically been sentenced to death.

"Perhaps there will be a way to change his talent in the future?" he wondered.

Su Chen could only console himself this way.

Human scientists had been researching vitality for the past hundred years. 

Who knew when weak talents could be cultivated?

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