1 Here there be a green gem

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jeez! I can't believe we're going on a field trip, I mean, we're in high school! it's crazy!... aaaand I'm talking to myself again, well that's what being a weak powered loner gets you, well the loner part is from the weak powered bit, oh the speakers are going off.

"Hello, and welcome students to the history of powers tour bus, as you know powers appeared slowly, only starting with one man! Norman Clark! slowly he started to make the world a better place, but you already know that! this is elementary stuff after all! but what you may NOT know is that he is the one who founded the WPC or The World Peace Commission! and is still alive today at the age of 120!"

I knew that

"now! to explain the anomalies of this world! boosters! these are rare artifacts that boost one's ability to a higher potential! there are metaphysical boosters! these increase the ability itself while entering the user's body in some way, though if the booster is not compatible with your ability then it very well reject you! which can hospitalize you for a month at least! that being said they may or may not be worth the risk, so they aren't used professionally by heroes, most commonly by villains! ooooo scary!"

I feel like a child... I'm 16... why am I even here...

"then there are physical boosters! these usually attach to your body in some way shape or form! be it a piece of clothing or something implanted into you! like a microchip! these act as defensive boosts, they usually give you what would be considered an extra ability, unlike metaphysical, these can be attached to anyone! an example of these would be Beastmans lion skin! while hunting for game, Beastman came across a beast! as you know, rarely beasts we call monsters appear! their parts can make artificial boosters! the higher rank monster the higher-ranked AB(artificial booster)"

please... just... stop... we know this...

"and then there's attack boosters, which-"

the speakers were cut off... ooookkkk, we aren't there, probably just technical difficulties, hopefully, villain attacks are dangerous, well not for most of my classmates, mainly for me, my ability is on the "basically worthless" category, just looking at myself and the cut I recently got, it should heal in a day or two, but a normal person would be three days, and even then, my ability takes up my energy faster, oh, we've arrived, honestly, something feels off, I'm gloomy so I get a good sense of things like this, but this is weird, it's not gloomy... it's eerie I don't wanna g-


who does our gym teacher think he is? an army instructor?


shut up you, your too loud, just "be quiet for once in your life"


crap I said it out loud "nothing sir" with an ability like mine and no influence or high status its best to stay on the down-low


I wish people would just leave me alone... "I want to die..."

"tadeys your lucky day kiddo" a voice from the shadows watches him "I have a greet day planed for ya laddies" he disappears with his accomplice into a portal

huh? I swore I heard something, weird


in the building, there's nothing of interest, a couple of artifacts here and there, some attack and physical boosters, a couple of guards have AB's, and here we are, on the mythic booster level, these are boosters that have read high by using an anomaly wave detector or AWD, huh? whys that door guarded? wait, most of the doors are guarded, why'd that one set me off? well no matt-

a portal opens as three men clamber out of it, one looks like a rhino, ones just huge and muscly, the third is covered by a hood

the rhino talks first "ON THE GROUND"

we do as he says, this is a villain attack, not good, one thought goes through my head, I'm gonna die, and I probably will as the muscly man is walking in my direction

his voice is gritty "this is what you wanted no?"

"w-what" damn it... I really am go-.....

the muscly man looks at the kid's body shattered and broken smashed up against a wall, quite a gory scene, his guts are everywhere, he smiles at his handiwork "that's what happens to you if ya speak laddies and lasses!"

they start to pillage everywhere "hurry up..." the hooded one speaks "find the immortal soul gem"

if anyone makes a peep they get broken and battered, they've lost ten students and two teachers "WHERE THE HELL IS IT!?!"

the dead boy's body sparks "the hell? What's going on?"

-nna die, what? I did die, but now I'm back, I open my eyes to see that green sparks are overflowing me, my veins have turned green, this is called overdrive I think, where the power of a desperate person becomes the max power it can get, my body is repairing in a blink of the eye, I'm on my feet, why am I walking over!?! the hell can I do!?! I punch him, nothing... of course...

"HAHAHA" he punches the boy back into the door he was looking at earlier

ow.... well I'm dead... again... but... why can I still think, my overdrive is over... even that was crap... oh... I'm alive... I get back on my feet, I look behind me, there's a green gem...? I'm encapsulated by it... my hand draws near it

"HEY" the muscle man yells "DONT TOUCH THAT"


I got a rejection... but I'm not dead... in my condition... oh, it's probably a healing type booster... and its probably healing my body keeping me alive, lovely, but shouldn't I be awake, I assume its at least mythic grade to be all the way on the tenth floor, why won't my eyes-

the three men are dead, my body is covered in blood their guts are everywhere

why are my classmates looking at me like that...? why are they looking at me like I'm a monster? what did i- OW they show me OWOWOWOWOWOW I stumble back with each shot, I trip and fall out the window, I'm probably gonna die... its the tenth floor after all... instant splatter, welp, I lived a good life, asta la vist-

-aaaaaaaaaand I'm back, the passerby look horrified, rightly so, there's blood everywhere

"Get him!" the guards yell

I run, as I have no other option, I don't wanna die!


I found an abandoned house, I'm looking in the mirror in awe, my right eye has changed, the whites have turned black the once blue pupils are now a green the iris is now a deep red and shaped like a serpent I look like a demon, what the hell was that booster...? well, at least there's a tv here, I turn it on

"and here we are to report the stealing and villain attack related to the immortal gem, a high schooler allegedly stole it and ran off, though after witness accounts state, it has been determined he took it to save his life, the history with that booster is unique, its the soul of a slain demon type monster of God ranking, he called himself "the immortal king" although he was able to be slain, it is theorized that his consciousness lives inside the booster and it seems as if it's true, as the students were turned into a beast and viciously slaughtered the three perpetrators, he has seemed to regain his senses-"

I turn it off "oh my god..." so that's what this is... I have a demon living in me, lovely... but... I assume I'm immortal now? or close to it? I'm gonna go search about this, but first, I put on an eyepatch, I walk to the library and search about this demon


after a while here's what I gathered, he didn't age, his healing was off the charts, and the only thing that killed him was destroying him so there were no living cells left, I assume that's the boost I got, though, there may be others, as this is the only demon booster in existence, so there are all sorts of factors to consider, but I don't wanna, all I wanna do is sleep, but I must do something to help, now that I have this power, like help people, yea, let's do that!


I'm walking in the slums, looking for trouble, these are the have nots, sometimes they get antsy for a better life and attack, but I can understand those people, they need the money, it's not like they have no morals, their just starving, weaker people, the real enemy are the loan sharks... those are the ones who drive these people into debt, and these loan sharks are part of the government, so no one questions them, else they get arrested

"c'mooooon granny jus gives us da cash and we'll be outta your hair capeesh?" a burly man says

oh? I stop by the street and listen in

"i-i swear I don't have the money..." an old woman responds

"you know you can jus make some, right?"

"i-i can't... that may crash the economy..."

"whas good bout the power to make money and not use it?" he sounds annoyed

"y-you clearly didn't learn much in school did ya?"


they just hit her, they. just. hit. her. I run up and roundhouse kick one in the balls, he keels over, I punch one in the stomach, no damage... fu-


I got stabbed, it hurts like a bich and- "AAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHH"

"ya see kiddo, my power is manipulating metal and reshaping it, how does it feel to have a bunch of tiny needles in your body, deep in there"

PAINPAINPAINPAINPAIN, I grab his hand and rip it out with all my strength, my flesh coming with it "AAAAAAGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH"

"the hell? dis kid is crazy!"

the wounds vanish in an instant but the pain lingers, they look horrified, either cause I just healed, or what I just did, they run off, like cowards...

"t-thank you, young man..."

shes talking to me "oh it's no issue, all in days wor-"

"h-how much...?"

how much? "what do you mean ma'am?"

"you freelancers are the same, you want payment, no?"

what? "nothing"

"I don't want to owe you younggin, how much"

oh I see "ten dollars"

she smiles "thanks darlin'"

I take it and walk off, well, that's my first successful job, now, they are prolly tailing me, I should be careful and try to lose them


oooorrrr not, they're already here...

"heyo, we tracked down your living"

i can tell ya dips "ok"

"ok? just ok?"

my social skills are shite "yea?"

"well you're coming with us"

really? "I don't want to"

I'm attacked from behind "shi-!" I'm injected with something, it knocked me out, in a way... basically, I can't move


why is this my life? bad thing after bad thing, I don't want this, I want things to end- wait, no I don't... that's dumb... i want to live... i want to be alive! I REFUSE TO DIE, and with that willpower, I can't move... not an inch... MOVE MOVE MOVE


it's cold... I'm frozen... I'm sure of it... I'm a block of ice right now... I can't die and can't stop feeling the frostburn, this is awful, pure agony, but I must not lose hope, I don't want to die, I refuse to kick the bucket, I hate it, but ill live, because I can't die... and because I don't want to, id hate to die, and I refuse to have that change, I will love life to the fullest, and help the good people, and fix or help the misguided ones!

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