Chapter 4: Henceforth, a Remarkable Person [Thanks for the great support from the Silver League 'Daying Yude' Dali!]

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Li Dazhi sat on the cushion, drowsily waiting.

This day and night were quite magical.

He had now figured out his situation.—Because of that ethereal notion of fortune, he had been treated by the grand Taoist sect like a precious treasure.

Li Dazhi hadn't figured out everything, but he knew one thing:

As long as he made his way in the Wanyun Sect, Ping'an would face much less resistance on his path of cultivation in the future, and have an extra layer of protection.

It was an unexpected joy, I suppose.

It's just a pity about the family wealth that he and his son had worked so hard to build in the secular world.

Li Dazhi had also heard that the Wanyun Sect was trying to block the news as much as possible from getting out, not wanting other Taoist sects to know that the Wanyun Sect had gotten a disciple with top-level fortune; but internally, it caused some disputes, with many elders in the sect wanting to take this mundane merchant as a disciple.

—Great Fortune carries a pulling effect, and the relationship between master and disciple is a significant cause and effect, a major connection. Taking Li Dazhi as a disciple could enhance one's own fortune.

After several rounds of debate, the Immortals had now reached the "finals" of taking disciples. A very formidable old Immortal, who had just left seclusion, had overwhelmed the Current Sect Leader and several Supreme Elders.

Li Dazhi understood that he was probably going to be apprenticed to this Golden Immortal.

He was actually quite annoyed, feeling like an accessory, being fought over by others.

As for what a Golden Immortal was, at this moment Li Dazhi had no clear concept.

Previously, Li Ping'an had been the one tinkering with the matters of cultivation, and Li Dazhi hadn't asked much.

While lost in thought, Li Dazhi suddenly heard a gentle greeting from behind, "Young friend, what is your honorable name?"

Young friend?

He was already one foot in the grave, yet still a young friend!

Subsequently, Li Dazhi raised his head to see this old Immortal with white hair and beard, his face withered, and he immediately acquiesced.

If he was one foot in the grave, the old Immortal in front of him looked as though he had just been lifted out of a coffin that had been sealed for hundreds of years.

"Dazhi, Li Dazhi!"

Li Dazhi squeezed out a weary, wry smile, "How may I address you, old Immortal?"


The old man laughed heartily as he stroked his beard.

Next to him, the Sect Leader, with a middle-aged appearance, smiled and said:

"Do not be rude! This is the founder of our Wanyun Sect, the Immortal who established it! The founder is also one of the only three Golden Immortals in our sect, possessing the Dao Fruit of longevity, and is well-known throughout the East Continent for the past tens of thousands of years."

"Ah," the old Immortal waved his hand, "My Daoist name is Kongming, from the Wanyun Sect's 'Kong' generation... With your great fortune and peerless talent, I shall be so bold as to ask to accept you as my disciple. Would you be willing?"

Li Dazhi looked toward the Sect Leader, who nodded with a smile.

Li Dazhi was about to bow deeply at once.


A voice of doubt came from the side:

"Master, you once said you would take a closed-door Disciple within a hundred years; many of our sect's talents have been eagerly preparing, waiting for Master to leave seclusion.

"Today, Master, without selection, you directly take this mundane merchant as a disciple, I fear... it may provoke the criticism of our fellow sect members."

The Sect Leader frowned and said, "Daoist Kongming has protected our Wanyun Sect for tens of thousands of years; does he still need our permission to take a disciple?"

Daoist Kongming smiled with narrowed eyes, saying nothing more.

Li Dazhi, upon hearing this, was certain that this little old man in front of him was the strongest, top-leveled, and most senior Immortal in the sect. How could he miss such an opportunity?

This round up, wouldn't it elevate Ping'an's generation, too?

Right then, Li Dazhi ignored the piercing gazes of several old cultivators nearby and stood up, directly bowing to Daoist Kongming.

"Master, please accept your disciple's bow!"

There was a delicate propriety here—'disciple' sounded much closer than 'follower.'

Daoist Kongming nodded slowly, and with a lifted hand, gently touched Li Dazhi's forehead.

Li Dazhi's body was enveloped in a green light, and wisps of murky aura naturally dispersed, his frame visibly slimming down.


The old Daoist's gaze swept across the crowd; all the Immortals lowered their heads to offer congratulations, none daring to speak another word.

Daoist Kongming said warmly:

"There's no need for the usual ceremonies with this discipleship. From now on, Li Dazhi is my closed-door Disciple.

"Sect Leader, kindly escort him through the Halls of Immortality and Mortality to be registered in the Wanyun Sect's Immortal records and then send him to my abode."

The Sect Leader agreed with a smile.

"Master! I also have a son..."

Li Dazhi looked up, but the old Immortal was no longer in sight.

The smiling Sect Leader stepped forward, helping Li Dazhi up and offering words of congratulations.

Around them, several old Immortals left with a sweep of their sleeves, their faces showing displeasure.

"Brother Dazhi."

The Sect Leader said warmly:

"I'm already informed about the matter of your progeny. There are things that I need to advise you on, certain taboos here."


Five days later.

At the front mountain of the Wanyun Sect, Liuyun Hall.

Li Ping'an yawned, stretching and moving his arms and legs in his small courtyard, easing the soreness from sitting in meditation overnight.

Minister Weiyen was not wrong; the mountains here offered the utmost freedom.

With the Five Grains Pill on hand, there was no need to worry about going hungry;

Behind the house, there was a stream drawn from the mountain spring to fill a few buckets indoors, so there was no worry about thirst either.

Beyond eating and drinking, there was only cultivation.

For Li Ping'an, the only slightly troubling thing was that the Daoist Robe, promised by Minister Weiyen, hadn't been sent over.

He had looked in the front courtyard, but found no clothes that fit him, which left him no choice but to wear one robe all the time, washing it and then wearing it again after it dried.

At night, he'd scoop up clear water and wash; yet, without a change of underwear, he could only wrap a blanket around his waist and sit naked for meditation until his underwear dried, which made Li Ping'an feel quite embarrassed.

When Li Ping'an wandered outside, he would often see some youngsters.

These youngsters might be in their courtyards, posing in what appeared to be a cultivation technique, or sitting cross-legged under the eaves facing the sunrise, their expressions meticulous.