1 Chapter 1: Fairy Xu

In the icy depths of the Blue Wind Empire's northern expanse, where the Snow Region of Extreme Ice reigned supreme, lay a realm of enchantment known as the Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace. Legends whispered tales of a celestial fairy, descending from heavenly realms a millennium past, who bestowed upon the ill-fated and unfortunate daughters of mortals an unparalleled paradise. Across the vast expanse of the Profound Sky Continent, mortals hailed this haven as the Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace—a name steeped in reverence and wonder.

Amongst these revered fairies, one name resounded like a melodious hymn—Fairy Xu. Wrapped in an aura of mystique, her true name and origin remained veiled in secrecy. She appeared intermittently, akin to a water sprite dancing amidst a spring morn, freezing those who harbored malicious intent into eternal slumber. Winter's embrace followed her every step, earning her the moniker of the walking calamity among the haughty young masters.

Today, amidst the bustling Floating Cloud City, Fairy Xu graced the mortals with her presence. Her noble figure bestowed blessings upon the righteous and curses upon the wicked.

"Hail, Immortal Fairy. It is an honor beyond measure for Floating Cloud to bear witness to your divine radiance," spoke a middle-aged man, clad in a black robe emblazoned with the character 'Xiao.' His black mustache and beard lent an air of gravity to his countenance as he bowed respectfully, his posture displaying deference to the godlike being before him. Six elderly figures, their faces adorned with the silver of age, stood behind him. "How may the Xiao Clan, with utmost humility, serve your esteemed self?"

Fairy Xu, upholding a long-standing promise, turned her gaze upon the man. "I am Xu of the Immortals, here to fulfill the vow I made with Bieli sixteen decades ago." With an elegant motion, her right hand delved into a hidden pocket near her bosom, concealed beneath her pristine white dress—a sanctuary for her most cherished treasures. From within emerged an aged parchment, its yellowed surface marred by indistinguishable, dried blood markings. "Sixteen decades ago, Bieli sacrificed his life to save mine. To settle this karmic debt, I vowed to fulfill one of his desires."

Trembling slightly, the man inquired, "Mighty Xu, may I dare to ask if this Bieli is none other than Xiao Bieli, the revered founder of our noble Xiao Clan? How may we aid in the fulfillment of your divine vow?"

"Cease with the flattery. Set aside the honorifics and simply address me as Xu. I have come to select two female disciples from Floating Cloud, fulfilling the wish of Xiao Bieli, the esteemed founder of your clan."

"This lowly one shall not besmirch your holy name. It would bring immeasurable joy to the Xiao Clan and our city to receive your sacred blessings."

"Enough of these superficial words. Gather all the female disciples of this city, aged between five and fifteen, with their vital yin intact and below the True Profound Realm."

"We shall comply with your command," replied the middle-aged man, known to all residents of Floating Cloud as Xiao Yunhai, the patriarch of the Xiao Clan. His subservient demeanor puzzled the passersby, for it was an undeniable truth that the Xiao Clan wielded unrivaled power within the city. Even the mayor himself had to bow his head in their presence.

In less than three hours, in the training grounds of the Xiao Clan, a multitude of approximately two thousand young girls and maidens stood, meeting the specified criteria. Excitement, nervousness, and fear rippled through their trembling hands, legs, teeth, and eyes. These young maidens could not be blamed for succumbing to such emotions, as before they hovered a fairy from the annals of legend—a being of otherworldly beauty, emanating a pale-blue aura. Delicate ice flowers bloomed in her wake, while snowflakes swirled gently in the air, bearing witness to her celestial power.

"Fear not, young ones, for I am Xu. Address me as Senior Sister Xu," she spoke, her voice carrying the weight of wisdom and authority. With a mere flick of her hand, reminiscent of a precious jade's shimmer, she defied gravity, causing two young girls to ascend toward her. "What are your names, my dear?"

The first girl, overcome by the grandeur of the moment, stuttered, "I... I am... Xiao Lingxi." Overwhelmed, she lowered her head, seeking solace in hiding, as if yearning to escape the intimidating embrace of this unfamiliar and awe-inspiring scenario. Suddenly, she exclaimed, "And little Che!"

Observing Lingxi's bashful demeanor, Xiao Lie cleared his throat multiple times, his countenance reflecting a blend of pride in his daughter's selection and concern over her emotional state. Behind him, a white-haired elder mirrored the same mix of pride and furrowed brows, his own daughter has captured the attention of the esteemed Fairy Xu.

"I am Xia Qingyue," the other girl interjected, momentarily forgotten but not diminished. Her voice carried an icy undertone, devoid of arrogance or conceit. "I am nine years old and possess the third level of the Nascent Profound Realm."

Fairy Xu nodded, acknowledging Lingxi and Qingyue's introductions. She then turned to face Xiao Yunhai and the six elders. "I have chosen these two young ladies, for they possess exceptional natural profound talents." In the recesses of her mind, she added, "And they possess inborn, unique physiques." Returning her gaze to the saddened onlookers, she addressed them with solemnity, "Do not underestimate yourselves, ill-fated and unfortunate daughters of mortals, for the gates of the Immortal Palace welcome all who walk the path of immortality. I wish you the utmost luck in your Frozen Cloud Immortal Exam."

With Lingxi and Qingyue cradled gently in her hands, Fairy Xu ascended into the heavens, bidding a brief farewell to the crowd below. Unbeknownst to all, a young boy concealed himself in a corner of the training field, his face etched with frustration as he clenched his tiny fists, his gaze locked upon the fading figures of his beloved ones. His heart ached with a yearning for change, and his determination solidified. "Wait for me, little aunt. Little Che shall cultivate and grow stronger, returning one day to claim his rightful place and challenge the Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace."

The boy, whose name was Xiao Chen, possessed untapped potential and harbored a dark resentment within him. Little did anyone suspect that he would one day become a formidable adversary, standing against Lingxi, Qingyue, and all they held dear. The stage was set for a clash of destinies, where friendships would be tested, loyalties strained, and the fate of the Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace and the Blue Wind Empire would hang in the balance.

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