Immortal Fairy Xu Book

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Immortal Fairy Xu


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-Warning, this is Fanfiction of ATG, this is not an original- In the depths of despair, abandoned and betrayed, a voice echoed through her shattered existence: "Arise, child, and step into the light. Your soul, untouched by the taint of this world, is destined for greatness. Embrace my legacy, for I have awaited your arrival since the cataclysmic clash of divine and demonic forces. Come to me, and all that I possess shall be yours." The voice carried a soothing warmth, reminiscent of a mother's embrace. Could it be her long-lost mother calling out to her from beyond the veil of darkness? Overwhelmed by loneliness, she yearned for companionship and solace. "Mother, is it truly you? I beseech you, I cannot bear this solitude any longer. Take me with you, and let us find solace together," she whispered in her heart, her final plea before the birth of a celestial fairy.


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