IMMORTAL BEINGS - Standing on the edge of the world. Book

novel - Fantasy

IMMORTAL BEINGS - Standing on the edge of the world.


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Secrets aren't necessarily the best. BUT! They do keep one safe. Safe and secure from the world that wants to hurt you. Protected from those who you know will judge you. Hidden away from the monsters that yearn to destroy you... She had her secrets - key word there being had- no let me rephrase that, she HAS her secret, I wouldn't call it small... or even large. I would say this secret of hers was just enough to balance out her life. I guess you could say an eye for an eye in her case. She would lock it away for as long as she could for the better part of her life. Making sure that no one could hurt her. Making sure that she wouldn't be judged as some Psycho. Making sure that the monsters couldn't get her. Well until they did...


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