Immortal's Omniversal Conquest

He was once the Infinite God King Immortal Emperor, the strongest in his universe. However, his life ended at the hands of the true protagonist! He had believed he was the protagonist due to his talent and power, but it turns out he was just a stepping stone. As he died, he felt a sense of peace and closed his eyes to sleep for eternity. But when he opened them again, he found that he had reincarnated as a Japanese boy named Kamiya Ryuuga. A special bead he had found in a unique realm also reincarnated with him. With this bead, he will start his journey to become the strongest and take revenge on the protagonist who killed him before! — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — A/N: Don't worry, this is not a typical Chinese cultivation novel. His grand background is just for comedic effect, as I've decided that he will sometimes act like a young master, hehe.

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27 Chs

Chapter 2 - Shidou Family

Now, he had embarked on the journey to reclaim his title as the strongest. Beware, you puny protagonists! This one will hunt you down even to your mother's womb!

"Muhahaha." Ryuuga laughed loudly, his disdain for protagonists running deep...

He had also officially entered the Warrior Realm, the first stage of the cultivation system he had created.

Warrior Realm -> Acquired Realm -> Innate Realm -> Master Realm -> Grandmaster Realm -> Heavenly Human Realm -> Land Immortal Realm

That was the cultivation system he had devised in his previous life. Though it consisted of fewer than ten ranks, unlike those novels with over twenty, the power of the Land Immortal Realm alone could shatter a universe.

Upon reaching the Warrior Realm, he felt his body continuously nourished by Qi. Now, his strength should surpass that of most human adults.

Ryuuga then decided to depart from the white dimension and return to his bedroom to tidy it up. Additionally, he cleaned himself up.

He learned that he needed to turn the doorknob to the right to enter the white dimension, and to the left if he wanted to leave his bedroom.

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

"Now, let's see what kind of world this is." Ryuuga said to himself as he changed into his casual clothes. Having an adult mind in a child's body felt really weird.

He wanted to find out the current condition of this world. Who knows where the protagonist is now?

Exiting the house, he glanced left and right. His house was just a normal one in the neighborhood. As he stepped out, the door of the house to his left also opened. A family consisting of a father, mother, and daughter emerged.

The father had light brown hair and wore a standard priest attire. The mother was beautiful with long black hair and gentle eyes. The daughter, whom he recognized as female from dealing with many people like her in his previous life, looked more like a boy with her short hair and tomboyish style and manners. She had short orange hair and violet eyes.

"Oh? A new neighbor?" The mother noticed Ryuuga and greeted him with a smile. It was good to finally have someone in the house next door, which had always been empty for some reason.

"Hello." Ryuuga responded with a smile. He felt a strange sense of familiarity with them, as if he had known them before. He didn't bow in greeting, as it wasn't something he was accustomed to. How dare puny humans expect me to bow? Ahem.

"Oh, hello. Irina, he seems to be around your age. Why don't you introduce yourself?" the mother suggested to her daughter. Physically, her daughter was one year younger than Ryuuga.

"Okay!" Irina agreed cheerfully. She was delighted that the new neighbor was a kid like her! Now, she could have another friend! With a bright smile, she walked over to Ryuuga and extended her hand.

"Hi! My name is Shidou Irina!" Irina introduced herself with enthusiasm, revealing her cute fangs as she smiled. Well, Ryuuga wasn't attracted to little girls like her. He wasn't a pedo... Mentally, he was already millions of years older than her.

Other than that, the name Shidou Irina triggered something in his mind. Along with his other memories, he recalled the anime and novels he had read and watched before.

One of them was an ecchi story called High School DXD, and one of the main heroines shared the same name as Irina. Additionally, the Irina in DXD also had a pastor father and came from a Christian family background.

He realized that the Irina in front of him was the same Irina from DXD. It seemed like this world was really interesting, with many mythological figures.

Moreover, the protagonist should be living nearby too, as he remembered that he and Irina were childhood friends. However, he had thought Irina was a boy, so he never tried to take advantage of her.

The protagonist was a terrible person though, a pervert from a young age. Quite disgusting, really. He could even be listed as one of the worst people Ryuuga had ever met in his life.

"I'm Kamiya Ryuuga." he replied, accepting her handshake and introducing himself with a slight smile. Having some friends might be good too. In his previous life, when he was just a normal boy on Earth, he didn't have any friends at all.

Fortunately, he could speak Japanese, or else he might use Chinese words on them, lol.

"Ryuuga-chan, are you going out alone? Where are your parents?" Irina's mother asked, glancing toward the house. She didn't see anyone else coming out. Well, she was gentle and caring from the bottom of her heart. As expected of a true Christian mother...

"Well, obaa-san, I'm an orphan." Ryuuga replied simply, still maintaining his smile. He didn't feel any emotion when he mentioned that. After all, he wasn't the real Ryuuga.

"Ah! I'm sorry!" Irina's mother was surprised when she heard that and felt quite guilty. Something in her heart seemed to be moved seeing his smile. It was as if he was hiding something really painful behind the smile.

If Ryuuga knew what she was thinking, he would say that she was thinking too much...

"It's fine, obaa-san. You didn't know, after all." Ryuuga nodded, still maintaining his smile.

"Hey, kid. We're going to the church now, do you want to come?" Suddenly, Irina's father interjected, smiling at Ryuuga. A pure, untainted soul like him is really the best seed for the church to cultivate. He might hit the jackpot!

Ryuuga remembered that today is Sunday, and the Christians are all going to church today.

"Sorry, ojii-san. But, I don't think I can." Ryuuga politely declined. He didn't want to worship another god because he was once a god in everyone's eyes too. Mortals, you should worship this gre- Ahem!

'Old habit. Hard to cure.' Ryuuga thought. Talking like that had been his way of living for millions of years after all. It was easier to enrage enemies and readers with that tone and those words.

"Well, if he doesn't want to, don't force him, dear." Irina's mother interjected, shaking her head. She noticed that her husband wanted to keep inviting Ryuuga to the church. It's not good to force someone's belief, especially in Japan where there are a huge number of Shintoism believers and atheists.

"Then! Can I play with Ryuu-chan?!" Irina said excitedly, forgetting that she needed to go to church.

"Hmm… Well, we'll pick you up at six." Irina's mother thought about it for a while and agreed. It's rare for Irina to be like this, so she didn't want to disappoint her.

"Wife…" Irina's father, Shidou Touji, was dumbfounded when he heard his wife agree to let Irina skip church and play with Ryuuga instead.

"Let them be, dear." Irina's mother shook her head, and Touji could only smile wryly while shaking his head too. Sometimes he felt that his wife was too lenient and caring. She must have thought it would be bad for Ryuuga to go out alone and decided to let Irina, who has learned swordsmanship, take care of him.

"Bye bye!" Irina's mother took her husband's arm and dragged him away while waving goodbye to the two kids.

"Bye!" Irina replied, waving her hand too, and Ryuuga nodded silently.

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

In his room, Ryuuga and Irina were playing games she brought from home. Ryuuga decided not to go out anymore as his curiosity had already been satisfied.

This world is the world of High School DxD, and the timeline should be when the overseer of Kuoh Town is still Cleria Belial, and Irina has not moved out of Japan to England yet.

"Nee~ Ryuu-chan, do you not believe in God?" As they played, Irina suddenly asked with a smile. She was curious why Ryuuga had rejected her father's invitation earlier.

Ryuuga glanced at Irina and remembered something he always wanted to forget. The girl he used to love was also an avid believer in God. Her father was a pastor too, and she had always been a good girl, spreading kindness around her.

But, she met a cruel fate. She served God from a young age and died in a plane incident in her youth. She is half-Chinese, but she was very beautiful. Her smile could even rival the light of an angel's.

He used to be a believer in God too. But, ever since that incident, he stopped going to church. It's not that he didn't believe in God anymore, but he just didn't want to care about that kind of thing anymore.

His heart was dead.

"Hmm… well, if you put it like that, then I believe that he exists." Ryuuga thought for a moment and replied.

"Well! Why don't you come with us then! Let me tell you a secret, Ryuu-kun. God is real! Those angels and devils in the Bible are real too!" Irina whispered excitedly into Ryuuga's ear. She didn't want this information to be leaked out because her father had told her to keep it quiet.

"Well, I'll also share a secret with Irina. God is dead." Ryuuga smiled and whispered in Irina's ear. What he said wasn't entirely wrong. The God of the Bible in this world had already died in the Great War. Well, that's what the novel said.

"Eh?! Don't say things like that, Ryuu-chan! If Papa hears you, he might get angry, you know?!" Irina panicked and reminded Ryuuga. She didn't want her father to be angry with her new friend.

Naturally, she didn't believe what she said. Since birth, her parents had taken her to church. Plus, she was also one of the candidates to wield the Holy Swords.

"Silly girl. When you visit the HQ of the church again, how about you do some research there? If you can't prove that God isn't dead yet, then you will owe me one wish." Ryuuga shook his head with a smile and said to her while patting her head. When she becomes a Holy Sword Wielder in the future, he wants to analyze her, so he wants her to make a promise.

"Alright! If I can prove it, then you owe me one, deal?" Irina readily agreed. She didn't believe him. If God were really dead, she wouldn't know who to believe in anymore.

"What is your wish, Ryuu-chan?"

"Well, it's a secret."

"By the way, do you know about supernatural existences too, Ryuu-chan?" Irina remembered that Ryuuga wasn't surprised or astonished when he heard her words about the supernatural creatures existing before.

"Well, my family is a magician family." Ryuuga lied and chose the simplest answer out of all. Just using the magician family banner should make him believable.

"Oh!" Irina nodded. In Kuoh Town, she had also seen magician families before. It's not uncommon here, especially since the overseer of the town is a devil.

"Let's keep playing!" Irina shouted excitedly, continuing to play with Ryuuga. He just accompanied her to relieve his boredom. It's a pity that there are no stray devils in this town as of now because of the overseer. She had already exterminated all of them.

After playing for a few hours, the doorbell of Ryuuga's house rang. From the other side of the door, someone shouted, "Irina! Come home!"

"Yes, Mama!" Irina recognized the voice and said. Then, the two of them went down and opened the door.

"Ryuuga-chan, do you want to come to our home for dinner?" Seeing the empty house, Irina's mother's heart was moved and she invited him.

Ryuuga contemplated for a second. He didn't want to owe anything to anyone. But, this body he is currently using needs nutrition too.

"Okay, thank you, obaa-san." Ryuuga nodded and locked the door of his house before following them to their residence.