Immortal's Omniversal Conquest

He was once the Infinite God King Immortal Emperor, the strongest in his universe. However, his life ended at the hands of the true protagonist! He had believed he was the protagonist due to his talent and power, but it turns out he was just a stepping stone. As he died, he felt a sense of peace and closed his eyes to sleep for eternity. But when he opened them again, he found that he had reincarnated as a Japanese boy named Kamiya Ryuuga. A special bead he had found in a unique realm also reincarnated with him. With this bead, he will start his journey to become the strongest and take revenge on the protagonist who killed him before! — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — A/N: Don't worry, this is not a typical Chinese cultivation novel. His grand background is just for comedic effect, as I've decided that he will sometimes act like a young master, hehe.

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27 Chs

Chapter 1 - Reincarnated One

As I tried to open my eyes, it was all pure darkness. When I attempted to glance at my body, I discovered a shocking truth!

I had no body at all. I could hear and see, but when I tried to move my limbs, it was as if they weren't there. It seemed that only my soul existed in this pure darkness. Now, let's see what happened here.

I remembered that I was previously the Infinite God King Immortal Emperor. In that world, I was the strongest being to ever exist. I cultivated from a normal human boy and reached heights where no one else ever could. Wait... how did I die again?

Hmm... I remembered now. It seems like I was killed by a protagonist...

There was someone in my previous world with an insane growth rate. Even I couldn't detect his origin.

Before I died, I thought about those protagonists that I'd read about before becoming a cultivator. He must have been one of them. I thought that I was one because of my history...

Turns out, I was just one of his stepping stones. I remembered that I didn't do anything wrong to him, and he hated me just because someone used my name to fight him.

I mean, I was arrogant, of course, but that didn't mean I was a villain. I didn't even have a single wife. Fuck! I only focused on becoming the strongest my whole life.

Well, whatever, just let me sleep...

My only regret is not telling my love to the one I loved the most. Sigh... I hate myself...

I "closed" my "eyes" and tried to sleep. Fortunately, it worked. My consciousness gradually disappeared, and I finally was able to "sleep".

See you again in another life, to my beloved one...

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

"Hoammm..." After sleeping peacefully for so long, the boy stretched and opened his eyes. But what he saw astonished him. It wasn't pure darkness anymore. It had been replaced by a bedroom.

"What the hell?" The boy tried to sit up, and as he glanced down, he found that he had a body now!

He quickly searched for a mirror and found one beside the bed—a tall mirror reflecting himself.

"Wow..." The boy was shocked. He really had a body now—a young boy with short black hair.

"Ughhh...." Not long after, pain shot through his brain. It felt like a flood of information suddenly entered his head. It was a kind of pain he had never felt before.

"Fuuu... fuuu.... fuu...." After a while, the pain gradually subsided, and the boy breathed heavily while clutching his head.

From the memories he had just obtained, he learned that the boy's name was Kamiya Ryuuga, containing the "dragon" character from his previous life. Yes, he believed he had just reincarnated into an unknown world.

Kamiya Ryuuga was once a rich boy, but everything changed when his wealthy parents died in a car crash. Afterward, all of his relatives fought over their assets, claiming they would take care of Ryuuga.

But reality was more painful. The boy was too naive. They only left him with a house in a certain town.

Fortunately, he still had a lot of money secured in a bank, for which only he knew the account password. However, this made him a target for his relatives once again.

The boy died after being stabbed by one of his uncles while he slept.

His uncle wanted to find the password to the account in the boy's room but found nothing, so he killed him to ensure the money didn't fall into anyone else's hands.

"What a messed-up family." Ryuuga muttered, placing his hands on the spot where he was stabbed. But there were no wounds or pain on his body anymore.

Only the blood on the bed sheet remained as proof of what happened last night.

It took him a while, but he then realized that there was a white bead in his palm.

"This bead!" Ryuuga was surprised when he saw it. It was the only treasure he could find inside the Infinite Void Realm after wandering around it for millions of years!

The Infinite Void Realm was a special realm that opened only once in one kalpa and could only be entered by those who had mastered Void Energy or were protected by the Void Dragon King Immortal Emperor's shield. Even that shield could only last for a thousand years, which was not enough time to venture into the realm.

He didn't know what the bead was or its function. It seemed to have come with him as he reincarnated.

Then, the bead floated in the air and shone brightly, causing even Ryuuga to close his eyes. This mortal body couldn't resist that level of brightness yet.

Soon enough, the bead entered his body.

"It recognized me as its master?" Ryuuga was confused. He didn't know what the precondition was to become its master.

He tried several methods that he knew, the ones he always used on treasures and artifacts, but it yielded no results.

"Well, what power does it have?" He didn't know how to activate it, so he decided to try something else.

He stood up to clean his body and the bed. He didn't need the police to find out about this because they would probably be bribed away anyway.

Although he had lived countless years in the cultivation world, he still remembered the corrupt government systems of modern countries.

He had lived in China before, but Japan shouldn't be any different. Everything revolved around money.

Well, he would get his own revenge. All of those assets, and their assets, would become his in the future. Don't worry, Ryuuga kid, let this great immortal one avenge those puny, ungrateful mortals!

"It seems like my way of speaking doesn't match the modern era. I should revert back to my origin." Ryuuga muttered. He couldn't act like he once did as the Infinite God King Immortal Emperor.

He glanced at the door to his bedroom and felt a certain force suddenly calling him from the other side.

"What is this feeling?" Ryuuga muttered as he walked towards the door slowly. Something in his heart told him to go there, but his brain was still contemplating.

"Is it a ghost?" He continued as his hand already grabbed the doorknob. He wasn't afraid of ghosts. He had killed and devoured countless of them before to train his Infinite Yin Physique.

He shook his head and turned the doorknob to the right. Then, he slowly opened the door.

"A white... room?" Ryuuga muttered, dumbfounded. In his memory, the other side of the door should be a hallway to the living room. But, it was replaced with a space painted white. The walls, floor, and even ceiling were white.

He didn't feel any hesitation and entered the room because it gave him a sense of comfort.

"So, this room belongs to me?" As he entered, he received another flood of information, but he didn't feel any pain unlike before. It's as if this space was meant for him.

Ryuuga realized that this space was the actual power of the unknown white bead!

You could say he had full authority over this space. It allowed him to separate anything—really, everything! He could separate body parts of any creature without killing them, separate concepts and powers from someone, and many more.

Moreover, this space allowed him to analyze everything he touched, right down to their roots.

This was especially good for him. He was once known as the perfect existence in the cultivation world, as he was knowledgeable about alchemy, smithing, talismans, runes, and much more.

However, to use the separation power, he needed to gather an energy called Destiny Energy.

From the information alone, he could guess that the protagonist and heroines existed even in the world he currently inhabited.

"There goes my unnoticed training arc..." Ryuuga muttered. He had decided that he would not be killed by any protagonist anymore! He didn't want to become just a stepping stone or cannon fodder.

The separation power is truly formidable. He could simply extract the concept of death from himself and become immortal, but it would require an abundant amount of Destiny Energy.

The consumption of Destiny Energy depended on the effect of what he wanted to separate. For instance, separating body parts would only take 1-10 Destiny Energy, while separating powers and concepts varied and could even require 100,000,000 Destiny Energy.

Furthermore, he could manipulate time and space within this dimension. He could slow down time and expand space, which was advantageous for a researcher like himself. After all, slowed time meant more time for research.

There were many other capabilities within this room, but he would disclose them in the future.

"This body is really weak." Ryuuga observed, glancing at his fragile form. After enduring days of malnutrition and sleep deprivation, the five-year-old boy's body was on the brink of collapse.

Unfortunately, he lacked the Body Cleansing Pill to purge the impurities from his system. He could make one if he had the necessary ingredients and tools. Damn. The Body Cleansing Pill was the most basic necessity for any reincarnated individual, wasn't it?

Ryuuga shook his head. He didn't possess any systems like those found in protagonists, and he had no desire for one either. He'd seen how dependent they became on such systems. What would happen if the system vanished? Or worse, if it suddenly stripped away all the powers they had acquired?

Ryuuga closed his eyes and settled into a cross-legged position. First, he needed to find peace, clearing his mind of any unnecessary thoughts.

"Wait… why do I only remember that one cultivation technique?" Ryuuga pondered as he searched for all the techniques he had learned before. But, his head was blank like a piece of paper. Only one technique came to mind.

As the Infinite God King Immortal Emperor, he had crafted countless techniques in the cultivation world and devised an entire cultivation system for the multiverse.

Losing those techniques meant a lot to him because his path to becoming the strongest would be obstructed!

"Devouring Evolution Scripture…" Ryuuga muttered. That's the name of the best cultivation technique he created before. Fortunately, he still remembered that technique and other advanced knowledge such as alchemy, smithing, and many more.

"Damn. Now that I'm stuck with this kid's memories, my title sounds pretty cringe." he muttered. The longer the title and technique names, the more powerful they supposedly were. That was basic knowledge in the cultivation world.

Back to the point, this scripture granted him the ability to devour his enemies to increase his energy capacity. Moreover, his body could evolve based on his research findings. For instance, if he studied a magician's body, he could modify his physique to utilize Magic Energy.

Thus, this scripture made him an adaptable fighter, capable of wielding various energies and powers.

Additionally, he didn't need to cultivate like traditional cultivators. He could grow stronger simply by devouring his foes.

Cultivators could theoretically learn multiple cultivation techniques simultaneously, but it wasn't efficient. They needed to focus on mastering one before moving on to another.

With the Devouring Evolution Scripture as his primary technique, he could explore others by altering his physique to match them.

Ryuuga continued to close his eyes, drawing Qi from the surrounding space into his body. The plentiful Qi infused into his bones and muscles, making them stronger.

One of the benefits of manipulating space was the ability to introduce various types of energies into it, provided one understood their patterns. Being the strongest cultivator, Ryuuga possessed this knowledge, making replicating Qi relatively simple.

Although he didn't require traditional cultivation, he needed to form a Qi Core in his Dantian to store the Qi within his body and prevent it from leaking out.

Before long, a small golden bead manifested in his Dantian. It wasn't a Golden Core, but rather a Qi Core. Its golden hue indicated its exceptional quality.

"As expected of this great one." Ryuuga muttered with satisfaction upon opening his eyes, nodding as he stroked his nonexistent white beard.

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

A/N: Don't worry. This is not a Chinese cultivation novel. I just added those settings because it's interesting as a form of retort when he talks to someone. I imagined him being prideful in front of those prideful protagonists. I find it funny, hahaha.