51 Taking Over 4

"Goddammit Hans."

Keith sighed whilst Hans trashes around trying to stop whatever bleeding is happening on his body. His whole hand was cut clean and now is on the ground. 

Keith who was now annoyed threw a potion towards Hans, the distracted man just crashed along the bottle, closing the wound wherever it trickled. 

"This Kids! These damn kids!"

Hans was now furious, his entire bloodlust unleashed, it didn't even bother him that his hand was sliced off. With the free hand, Hans took the blade back to where it belonged, his calloused hand. 

"We're done babysitting!"

"Oh shit."

Walter felt a stinging premonition and raised his hand with his sword, it was coated in sword mana and he held it tight and stiffly. The moment he did he was sent flying to the wall sending debris everywhere. 

Without any respite Hans went directly to the unguarded young mage, Abigail saw the danger that was about to befall and was already winding up multiple spells with rapid chanting. 

The blade from Hans hands fell to the young mage but was surprised to hear a clang. A damn barrier was stopping his fervour. 

"Damned mages and their defence!"

Hans lifted his arm, this time mana was filling his entire arm, it also surrounded and coated the blade he was wielding. It was powerful, much more powerful than what Walter whipped up and luckily managed to hit the man with. 

But before the man brings down upon his wrath towards the struggling mage, Blue fire manages to burn and make the man move away in a bit of irritation. 

The cause was none other than Lenneza, blood pouring down her nose. Yula looked at her with grinding teeth, the events are not good. 

Two men just scoffed, Hans picked up his cut-off arm and with some strange magic attached it back. This got Walter's eyes bulging, and the others sweating cold. 

"ugh… " Lenneza fell with a thud. 

Yula had no choice but to focus and strain herself, but she saw no future where they'd win. So she decided to back off. 

'This was a bad idea…' Walter thought. 

He asked to join, in hopes of getting stronger with experience. He did. He learned Sword mana, a primer for Sword aura. But it won't matter if he died here, but he refused to leave, not when there's danger. 

When Walter was to activate his sword light something unexpected happened. Keith, who was about to land a devastating blow to Yula by activating his Sword light suddenly got indented by a circular object. It made him fly all towards the end of the hall. 

"Keith?!" Hans yelled. 

Hans traced the place where Keith was blown, he could see Yula, on the ground with multiple scratches, but nothing noteworthy, finally he looked at the end of the hall. 

A boy with red hair, with paint on his face, black slits on his eyes and red paint on his lips to enlarge it, with white powder under all of that, seemingly placed in hastily. Evident by his ruffled hair. 


Hans pointed at the boy, but the boy just got in a position, like holding a gun. This got Hans confused for a second till he felt wounds piling up in his body. 

He looked at his body and saw multiple wounds, bullet wounds. He could only ask how until he felt the pain. It made him fall to one knee. 

He gasped for air for a few seconds then gritted his teeth, whatever that boy is nothing changed. In hopes of taking his enemy off guard he cast a magical spell, it was fast, faster than anyone in the hall could do. 

But Leonard was faster. As he slammed down an imaginary hammer towards the unsuspecting man. For the eyes of the witnesses, Leonard was holding nothing. 

Hans was on the ground, with a circular dent on the ground that encompasses his head. He wasn't unconscious though, only angrier. 

He dug his hands into the ground and lifted himself. Eyes bloodshot he looked at Leonard with contempt. 

"Damn clowns!"

This triggered a bit of emotion in Leonard, enough to bulge a vein in his forehead that he wrought down the entire imaginary hammer on the man's head one more time. 

'I'M NOT A CLOWN I'M A MIME!' he screamed in his thoughts. 

Hans managed to catch whatever ephemeral object almost landed on him and returned the favour with a swing of his blade. It was fast, however. It landed on Leonard's torso, only to be met with strong resistance. 

Hans tried to yank it but was hit with another ephemeral body that he didn't expect. He growled and yanked harder, but Leonard was unmoving, and everything he did made no sound. 

Hans thought the kid was weird but pushed the thought to the back of his mind, and yanked harder. This time, there was no resistance, and he flew backwards. But he caught himself quickly, looking at the edge of his blade it had some black colouration that was receding quickly. 

Hans only needed a blink of an eye to digest this information before looking back at Leonard, who was now slouched back with fingers blocking his ears before he felt it. 

And it sent him where Keith was, as a spherical dent formed in his body, sending him flying backwards. 

Keith was back up, face filled with indignation and rage. He fired his legs with vigour, launching him like a canon. Fortunately, Leonard was already doing something. His hands are in the air as if there is a solid obstruction in front of him. 

Keith sliced down with a blur, only to find a non-existent resistance to stop his blade's track. 

"What the hell are you?! This isn't in the records!"

 Leonard looked back at Lenneza who was being healed by Abigail, and with his eyes looked at the hallway, implying that they retreated. 

Lenneza furrowed her brows and shook her head vehemently. Leonard however was not taking a No. 

With another set of movements, he dashed backwards and with the movement of pouring something into the ground did he dash to Lenneza and carried her, running away. 

Keith with another explosive dash towards the group suddenly found the entire floor slippery and instead with a controlled movement became a struggle as he launched himself onto the floor with indignity. 

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