82 Update On Next Arc Polls

Ok so for those not on discord, this is the current poll. Before you ask No. Skyrim isn't yet done, I need to know the world people want next beforehand to plan better for it alone. I've removed worlds I'm currently doing fics on for now. Naruto, Avatar, DC And Marvel. You can go to cast your vote on discord in advance or wait for the official voting here but webnovel isn't organized for that. Anyway suggestions are still open for now. Voting closes a month prior to the new arc so I can focus on that while still on the current arc.

High School DXD.

Reincarnator is a teenage student who enjoyed High School DxD but hated Issei as he thought he wasn't cool. When given the chance to reincarnate into DXD he ofcourse accepted. He was given the option of how he'd like to start and a wish for the world. His for wish for DXD world was to make it larger, this meant the other pillars didn't perish. He chose to reincarnate as a strong member of the mighty Bael Clan. His goal was of course what you would expect from most DxD fans. Believing he'll become a strong demon, his end goal was a huge harem while with the title of strongest and most evil demon. But it takes more than being edgy to make it in the Demon world....Especially when a new Pillar assimilates into the world determined to ruin your goal. Watch as Kel Of Clan Zagaroth breaks this dream with his two servants. Mordred and Silvya.

2. High School Of The Dead.

For some reason beyond me some idiot I mean reincarnator decides to reincarnate into High School Of The Dead. As if forgetting just what kind of world it was, thinking only about the waifus. He is granted no wishes and is gifted a system instead from which he can level up and purchase abilities. His goal is to be the edgy harem hero of the zombie world. But such a feat isn't possible when the Purger himself has chosen you as his next target. Kel and Silvya enter the world without needing a disguise, acting as a student and teacher as they wait for the day the Zombie apocalypse began so the hunt can begin.

3. Mass Effect.

Reincarnator is a sci-fi superfan who's goal is to use his knowledge of future events to become a war hero with a huge harem. Alas Kel and Silvya infiltrate this world as orphans born on a colony, The Reincarnator wanted to be immersive and didn't ask for system and got a few wishes instead. A guaranteed place on the Normandy in future, Handsome appearance, Female sheperd and Quarians can survive without suits. (IQ 5000). Did you really think becoming a soldier is easy? Enjoy the misadventures that await him on the Normandy with Kel and Silvya present. Want to corrupt Tali? Pure Heresy.

4. Dragon Ball Z.

Reincarnator is a DBZ fan hence he didn't think twice when offered to reincarnate into the dbz world. When given three wishes he didn't bother thinking and just blurted out whatever he thought best. His first was to kill all the earths strong dbz fighters. His second was to alter the dbz women's proportions. At this point his goal was already clear. His third was to be reincarnated as a good looking saiyan. The Rob gave him an additional wish thinking he wasn't sure about what he just said. But rather than make a useful wish he wished for the dragon balls to be scattered across the universes so the earths fighters couldn't be resurrected. Only after he made his wishes did he realize his blunder, but it was too late. Our hero however comes into the dbz world as the new God of Destruction for Universe 6 and 7 after champer and Berrus were destroyed for not fulfilling their duties as God's of destruction.

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