37 Chapter 37: Prejudice


"Kill the human vermin!!"

"*slash!* *slash!*"

The situation at the boarder was dire, the demons had arrived earlier than predicted and in very large numbers. The Forts Magi could not hold them back and its soldiers continued to dwindle and dwindle.

"Dammit! We're getting butchered! The seal bearers won't arrive on time. Tell the soldiers to keep on fighting but have children, women and civilians evacuate immediately we can't-"

"Sir what is- Oh wow"

Everyone in the Fort became dazed as a large airship hovered above them. However the bloody battle taking place a bit further away from the fort carried on. On the deck of the large Airship stood Kel with Silvya to his right and Mordred to his left. He had his eyes closed for a moment as if contemplating something. When he finally opened them, they had lost their liveliness.

"Silvya, is it ready?".

Silvya opened her eyes and turned towards Kel and nodded.

"Hai Kel-sama"

Silvya had been preparing her most destructive wide area for 6 hours now. Kel looked at the battlefield and nodded.

"Fire it".

Silvya nodded as her eyes began to glow. She raised her stuff and the skies began to darken. Many magic circles then appeared many miles away from the fort and front of the battlefield. A large fiery red beam descended onto the ground and in an instant, a giant explosion erupted. Destroying anything and anyone in its path. The area of effect ended just a few meters away from the fort. Those inside however could feel the scorching heat generated from it.

The battlefield itself however, was wiped clean. Those still in the fort were unsure whether to celebrate or not because many of their soldiers were still there.

"Do we wait for the others now?"

A curious Silvya asked Kel but he simply shook his head.

"No we keep going. For now get some rest."

Silvya nodded towards Kel and began preparing once more. Mordred looked at the battlefield and turned to Kel.

"Master are we really invading the entire demonic continent on our own?"

Kel shook his head.

"Not exactly, I only have one target."

Modred grinned and nodded.

"Heh the first of many of our battles aye Master?"

Kel didn't answer Mordred's question and went inside the ship to rest in his cabin. Leaving behind a slightly confused Modred. Inside his cabin he took a seat near a window and sighed heavily. He rested his chin on his arm and began looking out at the skies.

Suddenly he noticed the birds that were passing by began to fly in slow motion until they came to a complete halt in mid-air. He immediately turned from the window and wanted to stand but found a familiar figure standing in front of him.


The woman in front of him had aurburn eyes that seemed to glow as she looked at Kel, maroon-ish hair that was glistening as the sun shined upon, cherry red lips that were curled into a mischievous smile with one of her fangs sticking out, on her head was a pair of horns like that of a succubus while her ears were pointy like an elf. Kel wasn't the least bit happy to see her, so far these entities have proved to be nothing but trouble.

"*giggling* gods and all powerful entities now at my feet or kneel, yet you just look at me like that which you detest most has arrived".

Kel kept his unamused expression while looking at the destroyer. She however, simply smiled and took a seat on Kel's lap while placing her hands around his neck.

"Rejoice, for you are the first man to ever touch me...oh come on atleast give me some sort of reaction."

Kel replied sarcastically.

"Haza...this truly is the happiest day of my life, how may serve you oh voluptuous one"

The destroyer chuckled and showed a smile.

"So you think me voluptuous? *chuckle*"

Kel sighed and got straight to the point.

"What is it you really want. Beings like you don't just visit for no reason."

The destroyer put her finger on her chin and begun tapping it.

"Hmm Maybe I just got bored and wanted some company how about that. That and thank you for the wonderful energy you've been feeding me. Watching you brutally punish the poor fool even got me a little *ahem* that doesn't matter. So tell me, how come you haven't marked anyone, so boring. I thought you'd do what most men do when given the chance and monopolize all the women. How do you plan on filling your dimensional city?"

Kel furrowed his brows.

"What do you mean city?"

The destroyer chuckled and replied.

"Well we can't have your location in a place the creator knows of. And since he gave you a Castle, I give you a Majestic floating City. Feel free to shower me in praise and thanks".

Kel didn't respond and just looked at her.


The destroyer expression now turned neutral and she finally spoke in a serious tone.

"I understand your distrust towards me Kel, but I am sincere in what our offer you unlike that man child creator. With you having countless worlds after this to visit, you and I will have a long partnership. I suppose when you're called the destroyer, you're destined to be prejudiced and shunned by all. I'll leave you to your endeavors now but first I leave you some advice. You can have everything but if you're alone, it quickly becomes mundane".

The destroyer got off Kel's lap and vanished, resuming time once again. Just as she did so, Mordred walked in a bit confused.

"Master is something wrong? We still have some time before reaching more demons to destroy if you need my help to relax."

Before Kel could reply, Silvya burst into the room and spoke.

"I need to relax after using that spell..."



Kel smiled and kept looking out the window.



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