45 Magical Doorway

‘Help. A-’ It was the last words that I heard from my dream before I woke up. I blinked slowly and felt myself floating. I carefully looked from side to side and realized that I was still in the water. I winced as I forced my body to move but to no avail

That’s right. The last thing that I remembered after pulling PRINCE Ace to the water was feeling a burning pain to my chest. Every part of my body was burning despite being in the water. Steams of black smoke coiled from my body as I felt the foreign spirit being burn out of my body. It was like I was being steamed alive that my consciousness decided to shut itself.

I was floating on my back when a cougar suddenly appeared in my line of vision and was looking down at me. Before I would have screamed, but now I simply reached out and scratched the back of his ear. Somehow, just by touching him, I knew his name. “Javi, you are cute and all but your breath stinks.” I commented.


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