106 Epilogue

“I see.” Sophie, the seer that I met a long time ago when I went to Hazel, laughs. “Now do you believe the prophecy?”

“He is rich, I have to tell you that.” I joked and laughed along with her. Sophie has become a close advisor to King Fred. She was the last seer in the lands and is now being taken care of. “So, is my guess right?” I asked hopefully.

Sophie gave me a look as she nodded. “Congratulations, Queen Rosalie. You are - ” She was cut off when Custard lets out a yelp.

‘Master master! Arcielia keeps on pulling on my tail.’ Custard whimpered as he sat on the floor with his head and ears down.

“Sorry, Custard.” I said before I fixed a look at a young girl. Her hair is as dark as her father while her eyes are as blue as mine. She’s an elf just like Ace.“Arcielia, be gentle to Custard.”

The little elf girl pouted and started to play with the hem of her pink dress instead. “Sorry, mom.” Then she looked at Custard. “I’m sorry.”


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