96 Choose Your Helmet Wisely

“How do I look?” I asked Ace as I placed a helmet over my head. It was the kind of helmet where only the front and neck are exposed. Amongst all the others helmets, it was the only one that I like because it doesn’t hinder my vision.

Ace stood in front of me as he rubbed his chin in concentration. He was helping me pick my gears for the incoming raid in Tereau. “Try to circle around.” He told me.

“Brother? You do know that it’s just a helmet, right?” Darem asked him. Today, the elven brothers are here as they came to deliver some gears for me that were requested by Ace.

Since it was a secret, his brothers personally came here.

Ace turned to his brother. “Shut up!” He snapped at him before looking back at me with a softer expression. “Turn around.”

I did as he told me and when my back was facing him, I felt a rock being thrown at my head. “Ow! Hey!” I turned to glare at Ace, who was now playing with a pebble in his hands. His brow drew closer together.


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