105 A Precious Necklace

The guy lets out a scream as his other friend pulled him away from the stranger, who was now standing in front of me as if shielding me from my two attackers. “Leave. Or would you like me to break your jaws and feed you that...glass thing that you are holding?”

Glass thing? Does he mean the can of beer? But it’s not even GLASS!

“You two aren’t moving. Would you like me to break something else?” He asked menacingly and started moving forward. The two immediately ran away in a haste the longer they continued to look at the guy.

As soon as they were gone, I looked at the man warily. His back was still facing me that I can’t even tell what he looks like at the moment. “Thank you.” I blurted out.

The moment I spoke, I noticed him flinch and turned slightly in my direction. In that brief moment, I caught sight of his eyes. They were a dark shade of blue that I almost mistook for black if it weren’t for the light coming from the shop.


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