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If Madara Uchiha Was In Death Note  

Madara Uchiha stepped through the portal, using his Sharingan eyes to analyse the strange new world around him. Though the environment seemed peaceful, he could sense an undercurrent of tension in the air.

"Hmph. Yet another universe in need of my guidance to establish true peace," he muttered to himself. "No matter. I, Madara Uchiha, will show them the way."


"Hmm?" His thoughts were interrupted by a notebook inexplicably falling from the sky and conking him on the head. Rubbing his head in annoyance, Madara picked up the notebook and read the cover: "Death Note".

"What nonsense is this?" Madara flipped through the notebook, unimpressed by the instructions outlining the power to kill anyone by writing their name. Such abilities were meaningless against his limitless power.

As he made to toss the notebook aside, a hideous creature materialized before him. "Greetings. I am Ryuk, a Shinigami," the creature introduced himself. "You now possess my Death Note. Use it wisely."

Madara raised an eyebrow. "And if I refuse?"

Ryuk shrugged. "Up to you. But humans who've used it in the past found it...entertaining."

Madara frowned. He had no interest in such petty games. His only goal was to achieve everlasting peace for the world, no matter the cost.

Still, he supposed such a powerful object should not fall into the wrong hands. "I shall accept this mission so that none may abuse it," Madara decided.

Ryuk chuckled in amusement. "Whatever you say. Have fun!" The Shinigami phased back into the ether, leaving Madara alone with the murderous notebook.

Over the next few days, Madara observed this strange new world, learning its history and power structures. He was unimpressed with the rampant crime and corruption that plagued its governments.

"Pathetic. This world requires a complete reset to purge all evil." If he used the Death Note strategically, he could reshape society into a utopia. Those who threatened peace would be eliminated.

Using his Sharingan, Madara began meticulously picking out and writing down the names of criminals, corrupt politicians, and warmongers. Thousands of nefarious individuals across the world died from inexplicable heart attacks.

Panic and confusion spread as the unprecedented mass deaths mounted. Scientists were baffled, religious groups proclaimed divine wrath, and conspiracy theories abounded.

Through it all, Madara operated silently, meting out what he deemed "justice" without hesitation. In his eyes, the ends justified the means for the sake of the greater good.

Until one day, a challenger emerged. The mysterious detective known only as "L" revealed himself to the world and vowed to stop the serial killer behind the unexplained deaths. He managed to narrow the location to somewhere within Japan based on time patterns.

Madara was mildly impressed that this "L" had come so close to figuring him out. Perhaps he was a worthy adversary after all. But if L hoped to stop Madara from dispensing justice, he was sorely mistaken.

"Let this battle of wits begin." Madara would craftily eliminate L and any who stood in his way. Unlike Light Yagami, Madara had no interest in a childish game of catch-me-if-you-can. He simply needed to remove obstacles.

L managed to deduce the killer's identity and sent an elite task force to apprehend Madara Uchiha, a supposedly dead shinobi from another world. But they were woefully unprepared.

Madara easily slaughtered the operatives with his superior speed, strength, and Susanoo's abilities. He then turned his Rinnegan on L, subjecting the hidden detective to a nightmarish illusion where he was helplessly tortured and killed over and over in the Infinite Tsukuyomi.

With L out of the picture, nothing could stop Madara from completing his mission. He vaporized anyone who dared oppose him and forced world leaders to obey him under threat of Tsukuyomi torture.

Before long, Madara Uchiha reigned supreme as god-emperor of the now "peaceful" world. Though freedom and individuality were sacrificed, he succeeded in imposing order and stability.

"Finally, my goals have been achieved. This world will know true peace under my infinite Tsukuyomi," Madara declared triumphantly. But a part of him felt hollow, as though he was forgetting a crucial step...

The Infinite Tsukuyomi was meant to lead to the Assimilation of all chakra into the God Tree. Yet something was interfering with its maturation, denying Madara his rightful divine power.

That's when he sensed it. The Shinigami Realm existed outside even the Infinite Tsukuyomi. As long as Shinigami like Ryuk could cross over, the God Tree would never bear its true fruit.

Madara activated his Rinnegan once more, expanding the Infinite Tsukuyomi's range until it encompassed all realms, including that of the Shinigami. Ryuk and his fellow Shinigami looked on in dismay as their realm was swallowed up by the swirling red clouds and roots of the God Tree.

"Madara Uchiha! Your arrogance ends here!" Ryuk said in defiance while baring his sharp fangs. The death god spread his skeletal wings and took flight, conjuring a massive scythe of solidified darkness.

Madara merely smirked as he stood atop the God Tree with his Rinnegan burning with contempt for the foolish death god. "Your existence is a threat to my Infinite Tsukuyomi. Therefore, you must be destroyed!"

Forming hand seals, Madara uttered, "Wood Style: Deep Forest Emergence!"


Colossal wooden spikes burst forth from the God Tree, impaling several Shinigami instantly. But Ryuk nimbly evaded, slicing through the jagged branches with his scythe.

"Is that the extent of your power, Uchiha?!" Ryuk taunted. "Your borrowed might is nothing before a true god of death!"

Ryuk's body crackled with surging dark energy as he prepared his ultimate attack. "Death God's Wrath!"


The scythe beam that erupted tore through the fabric of space, disintegrating all it touched. But at the last second, Madara summoned his Susanoo to shield himself.

"You are the one who lacks true power," Madara stated calmly as his Susanoo formed hand signs. "Secret Uchiha Style: Flame of Heavenly Ascension!"

Celestial black flames engulfed Ryuk, who howled in pain unlike anything he ever felt before. But the vengeful Shinigami fought through the agony, refusing to submit.

Madara decided to stop toying with his prey. It was time to show this upstart the ultimate dojutsu. "Kaguya Infinite Tsukuyomi!"

Once again the swirling red energy permeated the realm, this time focused directly on Ryuk. The Shinigami froze in place, overwhelmed by the goddess-like presence manifesting before him, mercilessly subjecting Ryuk to her irresistible psychic might.

"Your soul now belongs to the God Tree, never to reincarnate," Madara told him coldly.

"Kyah!" Ryuk let out one final anguished wail before being assimilated into the holy tree, gone forever.

With the Shinigami Realm under his control at last, none could challenge Madara's omnipotent rule. The God Tree finally ripened, allowing Madara to consume its chakra fruit and achieve his ultimate goal: becoming the all-powerful Otsutsuki God who would rule over creation for eternity. A perfect, unchanging world without war or suffering.

This was the salvation he envisioned - a reality shaped entirely by his will and vision of ideal peace. All that remains is to spread his divine rule across the multiverse...