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If Madara Uchiha Was In Attack on Titan    


Madara Uchiha emerged from the portal and surveyed his new surroundings. Judging by the immense walls and medieval architecture, he appeared to have landed in a civilization under siege.

"How quaint. Let us see if I can bring enlightenment to this world," Madara remarked.


His plans were interrupted by a loud crash as a massive, naked humanoid beast came barrelling through the outer wall.

"A Titan!" screamed the panicked civilians as they fled the rampaging monster.

Madara observed calmly, scrutinizing the creature's physiology and abilities with his Sharingan. "Fascinating. A scaled-up human without reproductive organs...clearly created through unnatural means," Madara deduced. "No matter. I shall educate these Titans about true power!"

Madara rocketed towards the Titan, delivering a chakra-enhanced kick that knocked its head clean off. The townspeople gawked in shock and awe at his raw might.

Before long, scores of Titans swarmed the city streets. But Madara gracefully danced between them, dismembering and beheading the mindless beasts with contemptuous ease. To him, it was merely target practice.

Once the Titans were eradicated, Madara addressed the frightened populace: "Citizens, you have nothing more to fear from these monsters. I, Madara Uchiha, shall free you from their terror forever!"

To his surprise, the people still cowered in fear. "He's too powerful! He must be a threat as well!" they whispered.

"Hmm?" Madara frowned, puzzled by their ongoing distrust.

"Hey, you!" A squad of soldiers using vertical manoeuvring gear landed before him. "Madara Uchiha, was it? You're coming with us!" their leader demanded.

Madara raised an eyebrow. "On what grounds do you detain your saviour?" The haughty tone of this 'Captain Levi' rankled him.

"We can't have some ultra-powered loose cannon running around. You'll be held until we determine you're not a threat." Levi's comrades aimed their swords warily.

Madara almost laughed at their foolishness. "Foolish mortals." With a burst of speed, he instantly disarmed the entire squad before they could even react. "I do not take orders from the likes of you," Madara stated coldly while glaring down at the stunned Levi. "My power is beyond your comprehension..."

"Huh! you're a…monster." Levi had not felt such fear for another human in his entire life. His blade arm was trembling rapidly.

Realizing negotiations had failed, Madara formed a hand seal and vanished in a swirl of leaves before reinforcements could arrive. He needed to rethink his approach.

After covertly gathering intel for weeks, Madara learned the truth...that many of the humans could transform into the Titans threatening them! What irony!

He decided the only solution was to completely eliminate both Titans and their human counterparts. Only then could lasting peace be achieved.

Deciding the only path forward was eliminating all Titans and their human counterparts, Madara began systematically hunting down the remaining Titan Shifters.

He tracked Reiner and Bertholdt back to their village deep in the wilderness. There, a mysterious figure handed them each a vial containing Titan spinal fluid which transformed them into the towering Armored Titan and the Colossal Titan.

"Destroy the Uchiha and those resistance pests by any means necessary!" their master commanded. Reiner and Bertholdt complied, rushing towards the inner walls under the cover of night.

Madara sensed a disturbance and rushed to intercept the impending attack. To his shock, the Armored Titan was barrelling straight through the outer wall while the skinless 60-meter Colossal Titan blasted the inner gate with scalding steam.

"Hmm, these ones will not submit easily," Madara noted, analysing their power. "No matter. I shall end this threat once and for all!"

His Sharingan morphed into the Rinnegan as Madara activated his Susanoo. The massive ethereal warrior encased him, radiating divine power. Madara then emerged directly in the path of the Armored and Colossal Titans as they breached the inner wall.

"So you wish to test my power? Come and face oblivion!" Madara challenged them defiantly.

The Titans rushed forward to attack, setting the stage for an earth-shaking battle. Madara would see to it that they regretted their foolish challenge.

The Titans rushed Madara, but were no match for his speed and Susanoo technique. He cleaved off limbs and heads casually while laughing. "Call yourselves titans? I am the only true titan here!"

Try as they might, the Armored Titan and Colossal Titan could not withstand Madara's overwhelming power. Their regenerative abilities were neutralized by his Truth-Seeking Balls.

With a final massive swing, Madara's Susanoo blade decapitated both Titans in one strike. Their massive bodies collapsed lifeless to the ground.

Madara surveyed the aftermath with satisfaction. "Hmph. Is that the extent of your strength? Pitiful."

The Survey Corps could only watch in disbelief as their strongest Titans were demolished with ease. Many realized negotiating with this shinobi was hopeless.

"Have you finally learned the folly of challenging me?" Madara addressed them coldly. "Surrender and acknowledge my rule, and you shall be spared."

While the Survey Corps reluctantly submitted, Madara could sense Captain Levi still defiantly plotting to resist in secret. But it hardly mattered. None could oppose him now.

With the Titans eradicated, Madara set about reshaping this society into one of obedience and order. The people would understand in time that this was in their best interest.

But already Madara grew bored of their reliance on him. Perhaps his goals were simply too advanced for such a primitive world. It was time to continue his travels and seek a greater purpose.

And so Madara Uchiha departed, leaving the people in a state of fearful awe and uncertainty of what the future now held without his guidance. In time, they would come to long for his return...