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If I were a Creator


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If I, the author gained the power to create anything I want. What would I make? This is a wish fulfillment novel for myself because I have the tendency to try and create something. Also, it's because I read world creation novels and it's usually not satisfying enough for me. So, it led me to make this. Note: MC will switch appearances and genders a lot. This is because of the concept of Incarnation and how he would like to appear depending on his need or just because he likes it. Also, if you see the MC genderbend, don't jump to conclusions, the female avatars will be discarded and gifted to others at later chapters. For the rest of the story after Arc 3, the creator will always appear as a male or genderless avatar. Also, please be tolerant about the info dumps because I'm more of a detail writer than a plot writer. Hope you enjoy and leave a review! Note 2.0: Have mercy on me readers!


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