1 Before anything.

Hello, I want to create a showbiz and entertainment novel. Obviously, for that ill be using music and movies/ series or dramas IRL, most of it will be my taste of music, I listen to almost everything so yeah. Obviously, I will be informing you guys about the many songs and all that. For starters everything used in IRL, I do not own. Not going to use an IRL character, simply because my view on some things is biased and I find it weird using IRL people so I'm sorry. Most importantly, I will probably see some fans of groups and all that coming and talking about how I don't use their group or something or people saying how the music is trash and everything like that. 1 thing for that chill-out. Suggestions for songs to be used I welcome them, after all, I love music and would love to hear new songs. I'll ignore toxic comments ( being serious here.) Don't care about how much you might like a group and how 'trash' a group you might say is. Obviously, you can always talk about your group after all its tastes and something you guys might enjoy. Everything is normal, just don't go on about how a group is bad or a song is bad. That profusely triggers me. I mean it. Music is to be appreciated for the most part and heard. People might never have heard or seen songs/dramas shown here. I applaud if you show love to your stuff. Hate it when you compare. Obviously, there might be something that might trigger people here and there. Tell me and ill figure something out. The basics of human communication is talking after all. I'll be clear here. I only listen to the groups not a fan or see more about them or anything like that.

I am up to suggestions and even for the looks of the character that will obviously be something to go up. Any clothing or anything can be sent too, let us create something fun and proactive for both of us ( or us all). Complaints about anything making you mad (with logic) you can tell me or even personally dm me on discord.

I do have a bit of time to write but don't expect something like DAILY Upload or something like that. If it is worth my time ill obviously give bonus chapters. But that is to be thought of later. I have a general plot on my head and written down but any suggestions or ideas, welcome. I mean some activities to do or anything up to you guys really... actually it would help a lot.

And that's basically it. Oh yeah, my main language ain't English much less Korean or something so any error on those gimme a heads up. For those who want to give suggestions and everything on Discord is the way. I'll be reading the comments like the lurker that I am so beware.

Another thing Artistic name, group names and all that. Most voted wins (with a little bit of sense please.) (Artistic name+Fan naming) (Group name+Fandom naming.)

Here is the Discord link. https://discord.gg/hqDsUTeFPX

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